The Culver Promise

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With an endowment of more than $440 million, the tradition of 120 years, and a commitment to student leadership, Culver provides its students and employees alike with an experience unlike any other in private secondary school education.

Our promise: to maintain a place of excellence, leadership and wellness for all members of the Culver community.


Culver admits students capable of pursuing a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum while becoming responsible citizens and leaders.

  • Competitive: Candidates meet high academic standards and contribute to leadership and extracurricular programs.
  • Diverse: The student body includes representatives from 28 countries and 43 states. 
  • Inclusive: Nearly one-third of students receive need-based financial aid, and an additional 16% receive merit-based awards.


Culver places a high premium on the leadership training gained through Culver Girls Academy (CGA) and Culver Military Academy (CMA), in the classroom, in living units, and in extra-curricular activities.

  • CGA: Educates and inspires young women to become leaders within the Culver community and in an ever-changing global world.
  • CMA: Educates, nurtures, cultivates, trains and inspires cadets to become responsible citizens and servant leaders of character within the Culver Academies and “beyond the Iron Gate.”


Culver’s rich and varied programs present students of all skill and experience levels with opportunities to develop lifelong interests in sports and a high regard for sportsmanship.

  • Athletics: Culver boasts 69 teams in 39 programs for freshman, novice, junior varsity, varsity and prep athletes.
  • Strength: Our programs provide significant arenas for character development.
  • Health: We are committed to whole-person wellness education, integrating physical conditioning, diet and nutrition into balanced practice and competition regimens.