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Summer Positions


Summer Positions

Thank you for your interest in working at Culver Summer Schools & Camps! The 2024 summer staff application is currently available.

Please carefully read the information below prior to submitting an application. 


Founded in 1902, the Culver Summer Schools & Camps (CSSC) program is unique. It is a fun-filled, naturally beautiful 1,800-acre setting on the shores of Lake Maxinkuckee, Indiana's second largest natural lake. Each summer, nearly 1,400 young people from around the world, ages 7-17, develop positive self-esteem through accomplishment and self-discipline. It is a high challenge, high support environment for learning leadership skills that improve personal confidence. Culver Summer School & Camps employs 450 dedicated professionals from all over the world each summer with an annual staff retention rate of 65%. CSSC staff experience meaningful connections while making a positive and lasting difference in children’s lives.

We operate three separate summer programs that collectively extend over seven weeks.

Junior Woodcraft Camp

June 12 - 15, 2024

A four-day program that allows children ages 7-9 to experience a "fun-sized" version of Culver's Woodcraft Camp.

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Woodcraft Camp

June 21 – August 3, 2024

A six-week leadership development program and activity-based camp designed for youth ages 9 - 14.

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Upper Schools

June 21 - August 3, 2024

A six-week leadership development program and activity-based camp designed for youth ages 14 - 17.

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Please note that there is a mandatory one-week summer staff orientation before Woodcraft Camp and Upper School that runs June 16-20, 2024. Therefore, CSSC staff receive a seven-week contract starting on Saturday, June 15, 2024. Keep in mind that some jobs require more than 1 week of staff orientation training – specifically, naval staff, lifeguards requiring certification, and other staff as assigned.

Summer Employment Opportunities

Whether in Junior Woodcraft, Woodcraft Camp, or Upper School, staff are responsible for the safety and well-being of our campers/students. Culver considers a variety of factors when reviewing staff applications including education and experience to determine the right placement for the many different staff positions available. Minimum expectations may include the following:

  • Graduate of High School or equivalent, at least 18 years of age (at least 1 year of college is highly preferred).
  • Desire and ability to work with children/teenagers.
  • Demonstrate honesty, self-discipline, consideration, cooperation and strong leadership skills at all times.
  • Must be an efficient communicator and positive role model.
  • Exhibit the ability to place the needs of the campers/students and CSSC above their own.
  • Maintain a positive and respectful attitude towards coworkers, campers/students, and parents.
  • Know and enforce the Rules and Regulations, as well as all Safety protocols and procedures.
  • Maintain professional boundaries with all campers/students and staff.
  • Consistently report to work on time and in proper attire, including proper grooming, to perform assigned duties.
  • Ability to accept supervision and guidance in the form of evaluations and feedback.
  • Be in good health, vitality and physical stamina.


Culver Summer Schools and Camps are a culturally diverse community. 30% of our camper/student population hail from outside of the United States. We partner with IENA for J-1 visas for qualifying International Staff members.

Please note, that our International Staff are subject to the terms laid out in their agreement with their placement agency. Culver does not guarantee J-1 visas.


  • Room and board 
    • Please note: Upper School staff live in dorms or barracks and Woodcraft staff live in cabins. There are limited guest rooms available for married staff.
  • All meals are provided in your choice of two dining halls - Lay Dining Hall on main campus, or Orthwein at Woodcraft camp.
  • Children of staff may attend Culver Summer Schools & Camps at a reduced tuition.
  • Staff uniforms provided for daily wear.
  • Free laundry and dry cleaning on a weekly basis for staff related items.

All staff members are encouraged to utilize Culver's beautiful 1,800 acre campus and many world-class facilities. These include: 

  • Nine-hole golf course, recently refurbished
  • Tennis courts (indoor & outdoor)
  • Basketball courts (indoor & outdoor)
  • Year-round ice arena
  • Recreation complex that includes pool, diving well, basketball courts, volleyball courts, indoor track and tennis courts, handball and racquetball courts, weight room, fencing room, wrestling room and trainer's office and equipment
  • Stables and riding hall (generally for horsemanship staff only)
  • Sailing fleet of 120 boats including the largest three-masted square-rigged vessel, the R.H. Ledbetter, on any inland lake in the United States
  • A fleet of 14 competition water-ski boats
  • Eppley Auditorium and Theater for campus movies and theatrical productions
  • Outdoor & indoor track
  • Over 20 intramural fields
  • Campus and surrounding countryside for walking, jogging and cycling


Some of our summer staff utilize their work experience here at Culver to complete school-required internships. This primarily depends on the staff members college/university requirements for internship credit. If a summer staff member is interested in pursuing an internship while being part of our summer staff, they should contact us and provide their full name, college or university, area of internship they are interested in pursuing and any pertinent information.

Making a Difference

Feedback tells us that summer staff gain as much from the Culver summer experience as our students/campers themselves. Some of the reasons given for working at Culver range from the opportunity to be outdoors in a beautiful environment, to establishing lasting friendships and preparing for teaching and parenthood. Perhaps the most rewarding is a feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment that comes with completing the challenging task of making a positive impact helping children/teens learn and develop.

In closing, it should again be emphasized that a Culver summer job is one of hard work, commitment, and challenge, but one that can be extremely rewarding. It is well documented that success and good fortune will not come in the same manner for all. The idea that "you can make a difference" has long been a Culver objective and the attitudes and energy that you use in making a positive difference will have a direct effect on the benefits you personally gain. It is our hope that after reading this material you will understand what we feel are the benefits of working in Culver's Summer Schools & Camps, as well as the commitment and dedication that is needed.

For questions or general inquiries please feel free to contact

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