Fellowship Positions

Established in 1983 the Fellows program currently offers a rich experience for recent college graduates who want to explore various career opportunities at an independent boarding school.

While our program focuses mainly on those whose interests lie in teaching, we also offer fellowships in such areas as wellness, communications, technology, and athletics. This program provides apprenticeships through which individuals gain the knowledge and experience necessary to pursue successful careers in secondary independent schools as well as valuable work experience for dynamic and highly motivated young adults pursuing opportunities outside of the educational field.

Culver Fellows participate fully in the life of the Academies under the direction of mentor teachers, counselors, and coaches. These mentors help the Fellow learn the basics of teaching and coaching methodologies, classroom management and group dynamics, as well as parent/student relationships. In addition to working in their chosen academic field, Fellows assist with extracurricular activities, working with an impressive array of student athletic teams or in the Academies’ rich and active Fine Arts program. Fellows live in furnished dormitory apartments and assume duties that allow them to become an integral part of the residential community.


Forward a letter of interest, along with your résumé, college transcript, and two letters of recommendation to:

Mr. Ed Kelley
Faculty Fellow Coordinator
1300 Academy Road, #56
Culver, IN 46511-1291

For additional information, write Mr. Kelley at the above address or contact him at:

T: (574) 842-8389
F: (574) 842-8455
E: edward.kelley@culver.org

Compensation Package 

  • The salary for the Culver fellowship is $22,000 with several “extras” in the total compensation package.
  • Furnished, rent-free/utility-free apartment.
  • Free use of individual laptop computer.
  • Phone in apartment with local service provided.
  • Basic cable TV service is provided.
  • Dry cleaning service is provided.
  • All meals are free through the dining hall, and there is no charge for guests.
  • Access to Academy physicians twice a day at the Health Center.
  • Membership in the Faculty Association for social gatherings.
  • Free tickets to The Academies’ Concert Series.
  • Minimal charge for guests to stay in The Academies’ accommodations.
  • Cap and gown charges for faculty processionals are paid for.
  • 15% faculty discount in The Academies’ bookstore.
  • Faculty book discount of 20 – 60% through The Academies’ library.
  • Fellowship Coordinator and administrative staff on hand to assist Fellows in job searches.

Program Details

Academic Assignments

Each fellow is assigned to a master instructor in his/her academic discipline. This mentor teacher helps the fellow learn the basics of teaching, methodology, classroom management, and parent/student relations. The Dean of Faculty, Academic Dean, and Fellowship Coordinator conduct seminars to help orient the fellows in assessment, learning theory, and other current topics in educational research. Fellows will be encouraged to attend conferences of the professional organizations in their specific disciplines. Culver Fellows are active in planning and executing lessons; however the mentor teacher will remain a presence in the classroom through the first academic term. Starting with the second term, the Fellow will gradually take on full responsibility for conducting daily lessons, although the mentor teacher will continue to occasionally observe. Fellows help plan activities, construct tests, quizzes, and writing assignments. Each day, the mentor teacher and Fellow will discuss lessons, grading, classroom successes, and ways of improving performance. Fellows often enjoy the opportunity to work one-on-one with students in tutorial periods designed to help those experiencing academic difficulty.

Extracurricular Assignments  

During each of the three athletic seasons, the Fellow assists with an activity, either working with student teams or in one-on-one training. Culver offers a variety of rich athletic opportunities for its students; thus, the Fellows will have ample occasions to coach and work in supporting roles. Head and assistant coaches serve as mentors to the Fellows in the athletic arena. These veterans will help the Fellows learn the principles of coaching as established by the Character and Sport Initiative based at the Culver Academies. In the event that a Fellow does not feel comfortable assisting with a specific sport, or has limited athletic experience overall, he or she may help supervise in the extensive intramural and extracurricular program. Fellows, whose expertise is in the Arts, may wish to be assigned to a program in this area.

Residential Life  

Fellows live in furnished dormitory apartments where they have ready access to students living in their units. They act as a second set of eyes and ears for the counselor, often keying in on nuances of behavior that can lead to potential problems. Fellows assume duties that allow them to become an integral part of the residential community. They serve as dorm supervisors two evenings a week, making sure that study conditions are in effect and overall behavior is monitored. Twice a month they are “in residence” on weekends providing an adult presence in the dormitories overnight. The counselor of each unit/dorm functions as the Fellows' mentor in the student life area. They meet regularly to discuss issues that arise in their particular living units. 

Current Fellows

Andrew Rikard

Humanities Fellow

Andrew Rikard graduated from Davidson College with a Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature.

Cooper Hardy

Advancement Fellow

Cooper comes to Culver from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While at Carolina, Cooper also worked in the Academic Support Program for Student Athletes and the UNC Global Development office. A lifelong athlete, Cooper began a collegiate soccer career but saw it abruptly ended by injuries. Since then, Cooper has remained involved in athletic settings, both as a coach and as a personal trainer. Cooper can be found either in a gym or on a golf course in his spare time.

Erin Leist

Humanities Fellow

Erin Leist is originally from Southborough, Massachusetts and has spent the last few years living in Charlotte, Vermont. She recently graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in Psychology along with minors in English and Education. Erin is a first year Fellow in the Humanities Department, teaching 9th grade. She is also coaching volleyball and lacrosse.

John Wilson

Humanities Fellow

Julian Mastro

Science Fellow

J.R. Mastro is joining the Science department as a fellow. Having just graduated from the University of Richmond this past spring with a BA in Environmental Studies, J.R. will be teaching Biology. A four year varsity lacrosse member at the University of Richmond, J.R. will be involved with lacrosse in the spring and football in the fall.

Lindsey Biggs

Wellness and Athletic Training Fellow

Lindsey Biggs is a first year fellow from Dayton, Ohio. Lindsey completed her senior internship at Butler University working with the women's soccer team. She has also worked with UC's Football and Volleyball team and at Thomas More College in Kentucky.

Madeline Lyons

Humanities Fellow

Molly Lyons is a first year Fellow in the Humanities Department, teaching our 11th graders in American Studies. Having grown up in Groton, Massachusetts, she recently graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in History. At Culver, Molly will be coaching Girls' Basketball and Rowing.

Nathan Phillips

Humanities Fellow

Nathan Phillips graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor's degree in English along with a minor in Journalism while studying in the Teacher Preparation Program. In addition to his academics at Michigan State University, Nathan was a five year member of the NCAA Division I Men's Ice Hockey team where his role on the team was primarily backup goaltender. Nathan is teaching Humanities 9-Western Perspectives and a coach for the goaltenders in the ice hockey program. His comes to Culver from Jackson, Michigan.

Patrick Callaghan

Humanities Fellow

Patrick Callaghan joins the Humanities department as a member of the 2017-18 Culver Fellowship program. Before transferring to the University of Virginia, Pat spent a year at Salisbury University where he was recruited to play varsity lacrosse. He hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Rebecca Ramos

Humanities Fellow

Rebecca joins the Humanities department after graduating from Harvard University this past May. She worked as a Teaching Intern at the Northfield Mount Hermon Summer Session in 2016 and 2017. While at NMH, she taught Introduction to Psychology and Skills in Literature and coached swimming and dance. Rebecca is originally from Seattle, WA, where she attended Lakeside School.

Stephen Mayfield

Science Fellow

Stephen Mayfield graduated from Williams College in 2016 with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry. Since graduating, he has worked at Massachusetts General Hospital, and is excited to begin teaching at Culver. Stephen will assist with coaching Cross Country and Swimming.

Johanna Tomsick

Wellness and Athletic Training Fellow

Jo is excited to be joining Culver as a teaching fellow for the 2017-18 academic year. She is a proud Clevelander. Since graduating college, she has been growing her personal art business and expanding her brand, while adding more work to her portfolio. She will assist in the LLL program at Culver and will also coach the swim team and strength and conditioning.

Beyond Fellowship

While this program is designed to give Fellows the experience necessary to pursue successful careers in secondary independent schools, some have also found it serves equally as a springboard launching them into other careers. Following are testimonials of current as well as former Culver Fellows.

Ms. Samantha Ritt

Fellow in French, ’07–‘08

The guidance from a mentor teacher, the gorgeous campus setting on a lake, and the prestige of the academic and athletic programs are the three features that convinced me to accept a Culver teaching Fellow position. Working as a Culver teaching Fellow is an attractive choice for those individuals who want to explore the teaching field and to learn valuable teaching methods but who may or may not choose teaching as an ultimate career path. While teaching at the Culver Academies, I benefited from having the opportunity to first observe and learn from my mentor teacher before eventually taking full control of a class. The Culver Program enabled me to progress from a college graduate into a confident teacher. The Fellowship at Culver has better prepared me as an effective teacher than any teacher certification program and more so than jumping into a new full-time teaching job. The coaching and dorm supervision duties offered even more opportunities for me to work with the students and learn how to become a different kind of teacher in the athletic and social arenas.

Ms. Lauran Allinson

Fellow in Residential Life, ’06–‘08

The Fellows program at Culver Academies is incredible. This program provides a lot of support as you begin to explore your interests in education. As a Fellow, you take on varied responsibilities and gain many experiences in teaching, coaching, dorm supervising, and mentoring. Through the entire experience, Fellows work closely with the Fellowship Coordinator and their assigned mentors. Culver provides you with alumni networking, career support, and flexible scheduling which all help in determining your next career step. This program is perfect for someone who is not 100% sure of the area they want to pursue in education but who wants to explore their options. One thing that separates Culver’s Fellowship program from others is that the program brings 5-6 male and female college graduates to campus every year. Most Fellowship programs at similar boarding schools only hire one or two Fellows. By hiring 10-12 college graduates to fill in Fellow positions, Culver benefits from new, youthful perspectives while the Fellows benefit from an established social network.

Mrs. Mimi Csatlos

Fellow in English, '00-'01

Throughout my years since Culver, I have seen numerous fresh-out-of-college teachers who became overwhelmed and daunted by the “triple threat” (teaching, coaching and dorm duty) culture of boarding schools. These young professionals always remind me of the benefits of teaching Fellowships. In many ways, a year as an Fellow at Culver provides the perfect segue into a career in the classroom, for it enables you to be both a student and a teacher. In this respect, the role of the tremendously supportive mentor teachers at Culver cannot be overstated. Clearly, a degree in education could never have prepared me for the inevitably bumpy road a first year teacher faces as well as our mentors at Culver did. I continue to keep in touch with my mentors, both academic and coaching, to whom I am grateful for introducing me to the basics of classroom management, for letting me make mistakes, and for guiding me with humor and friendship. A Fellow year at Culver is challenging for sure, but should you choose a career in boarding school education after the Culver experience, you will be well-prepared, undoubtedly.

Mr. Brian Rosenau

Fellow in Athletic Training, '96-'97

When asked about the Fellowship, I always describe the experience as an ideal transition year out of college, and into life after college. The reasons for this? A Fellow has all of the necessary resources (e-mail, laptop, faculty mentors for recommendation, networking) to prepare for grad school or the job market, while at the same time obtaining valuable experience in a variety of settings – the classroom, student life, coaching.

Mr. Robert Hettleman, Deputy

Bureau Chief, Family Violence & Child Abuse Bureau, New York City, NY.
​Fellow in Spanish, ’91 – ‘92

I had always intended to be a lawyer, but I wanted to do something challenging and rewarding before going to law school. I had always valued and studied education and had an interest in teaching, so the Culver Fellowship was a perfect opportunity that turned out to be fantastic. The campus is a beautiful oasis among the cornfields. The students are diverse, talented, and full of spirit, and the responsibilities of coaching, dorm parenting, and teaching pushed me to grow. The faculty was outstanding and supportive, allowing me to stumble, learn, and to appreciate and develop the craft of teaching. It was a humbling yet maturing experience, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I still wound up going to law school, but I’ve definitely retained the teaching bug: I taught another year after Culver, I’ve incorporated teaching techniques into my work (I work with children daily as a prosecutor of child abuse crimes), I provide lectures to students and members of the community, and I know that I’ll teach again formally in the future. Finally, I have great memories of my group of teaching Fellows – comparing notes, playing sports, and keeping each other sane – and of my mentor teacher, with whom I still keep in touch after over 15 years. 

At A Glance