White-DeVries Rowing Center

The White-Devries Rowing Center was built and dedicated in 2012 in honor of the two primary donors, Miles White ‘73 and George T. DeVries III ‘77, both of whom rowed during their time at Culver. Located on Culver’s campus, the Rowing Center sits on the north shore of Lake Maxinkuckee, the second largest natural lake in Indiana. The two-story, 24,000-square-foot facility houses not only Culver’s fleet of shells but also a host of indoor rowing equipment, allowing students to row and train despite unfavorable weather.. The girls’ and boys’ teams share the three boat bays to store a total of 10 eight-oared shells, 8 four-oared shells, and 6 pairs. Additionally, the boat bays hold 24 Concept 2 Spin Bikes, which can all be connected to Peloton. The downstairs erg room has 16 Concept 2 stationary ergs and another 16 dynamic ergs. Adjacent to this erg room is the Ambrosini Rowing Tank, which accommodates 16 rowers, 8 for port and 8 for starboard, to further simulate the rowing stroke on land. The upstairs workout space contains 16 Concept 2 stationary ergs along with a handful of equipment for weight lifting and core exercises. Both teams have access to their own locker rooms within the building as well. For spectators and special events, a spacious alumni lounge and deck on the second floor overlooks Lake Maxinkuckee for a beautiful view of the lake and our race course.