Roberts Hall of Science/Dicke Hall of Mathematics

Opened in 2002, the Roberts Hall of Science and Dicke Hall of Mathematics share a $20 million, 64,500-square-foot facility featuring nine science classroom/laboratory combinations, four science classrooms, an independent science lab, 10 math classrooms, a computer classroom, several study and conference rooms, a 65-seat auditorium, a woodworking shop, and 960 data port computer connections – one for every desk in the classrooms and labs.

The Roberts Auditorium provides a spacious, comfortable venue for various audio, visual, and oral presentations. The commons area also is home to the Rubin Cafe, the Rubin School of the Entrepreneur’s student-managed coffee shop.

The science portion is named for lead donor George Roberts ’62. The James F. Dicke family provided the lead gift for the math part of the building.