Memorial Chapel

Dedicated in 1951, Memorial Chapel is a living tribute to the 6,500 Culver men who served in the Armed Forces from 1941-45, plus the names of Culver alumni killed in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Global War on Terrorism are inscribed within. 

The Tudor-Gothic building opens its doors to the shores of Lake Maxincuckee and serves as a place of worship, reflection, and celebration for many members of the Culver community.

Chapel Traditions

Christmas Vespers

When the snow blankets Culver’s campus, the community gathers to celebrate the Christmas holiday together in the Memorial Chapel. This traditional lessons and carols service lead by Spiritual Life in conjunction with the Fine Arts Department is a notable time of reflection in the holiday season.

Reunion Weekend Memorial Service

As our alumni and friends are welcomed back to campus each year during Reunion Weekend, we take note of those in the Culver community who have passed away. The Memorial service takes place to honor these men and women of Culver through reflection and prayer with their classmates, family, and friends.

Memorial Day Gold Star Ceremony

The Gold Star service is one of Culver’s long lasting traditions honoring the Culver men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. It includes a reading of the names of these brave Culver sons and daughters in the Chapel dedicated to their memory.

Baccalaureate Ceremony

While graduation weekend offers many opportunities for graduates and their families to remember and celebrate their time at Culver, the Baccalaureate Ceremony, which takes place in the Memorial Chapel holds a special place in the celebrations. The many cultures and traditions of our school are honored in prayer and reflection, featuring a Baccalaureate address from a member of the Culver community who has contributed in a lasting way to life at the Academy. This service is a final moment of spiritual connection for graduates before they leave campus as proud sons and daughters of the Academies.

Interesting Facts

The Chapel houses the 3,333-pipe organ and the 51-bell carillon.

Spiritually, rose and chancel windows, and the 168-paneled ceiling represent the Christian faith.


The Chapel may be reserved for a variety of ceremonies. For more information please contact Lyn Hanley. Wedding inquiries should also submit the wedding request form