Varsity Fencing

We proudly offer fencing at the Culver Academies as an opportunity to educate the mind, body, and spirit in a fast-paced and fun game of physical chess. Each of the three weapons, foil, saber, and epee, have their own unique personality and require agility, strength, endurance, focus, strategy, and discipline.  Fencing for sport first started around 1856 and is now regarded as the most exciting and challenging of the elite sports.  Touche!

Girls Roster
Name Class Weapon Hometown
Hur, Eunjeong (Emily) 12 Epee Busan, South Korea
Lee, Chaeyeong (Ruby) 11 Epee Tongyeong, South Korea
Lee, Hye Im (Hailey) - Captain 12 Epee Icheon City, South Korea
Root, Charlotte 11 Epee Indianapolis, IN
Lee, Yu Jin 12 Foil Seoul, South Korea
Sun, Rebecca 11 Foil Overland Park, IN
Verrecchia, Beatrice - Captain 12 Foil Firenze, Italy
Hone, Kat 10 Sabre Alexandria, VA
Karahalios, Linnea 12 Sabre Lake Forest, IL
Ryskin, Anastasia - Captain 12 Sabre Rochester, IN
Wang, Vivian 10 Sabre Shanghai, China
Boys Roster
Name Weapon Grade Hometown
Burns, Ben Epee 11 New Carlisle, IN
Ge, Chengxiao (Gary) Epee 12 Hangzhou, China
Gong, Yuan (Jack) Epee 10 Harbin, China
Jeon, Wootae (Tony) - Captain Epee 12 Raleigh, NC
VanDeVelde, Dane Epee 12 Daejeon, South Korea
Hergan, Daniel Foil 10 Lake Forest, IL
Novechenko, Nestor Foil 9 Elkhart, IN
Rice, Jackson Foil 10 Valpo, IN
Shen, Tony  - Captain Foil 12 Chicago, IL
Celadina, Charles Sabre 10 Plymouth, IN
Durkin, Joe Sabre 10 Elmhurst, IL
Mendoza, Jaime - Captain Sabre 12 Mexico City, Mexico
Yan, Jack Sabre 9 Shanghai, China