Testing for College Admissions

Preparing for College Testing

At Culver Academies, there are several opportunities for students to take the tests they need to gain admission to college. Our College Advising staff assists students with understanding and scheduling the tests they need to be successful in the college admissions process.

PSAT: Students at Culver begin taking the PSAT in 9th grade and continue to take the test each October through 11th grade. The test gives students and academic advisors relevant information regarding progress in areas of the humanities and mathematics. The PSAT, when taken during the Junior year, places students for consideration for the National Merit scholarship Program, the National Achievement Program, and the National Hispanic Scholars Program.

SAT Reasoning/SAT Subject Test: The SAT Reasoning Test is the oldest college examination in the United States. Registration meetings are held in October with the entire Junior class so they understand the exam registration process.

The SAT Subject Tests were designed to evaluate academic knowledge and achievement in a particular subject or skill. Students may choose tests in areas such as literature, history, mathematics, science, and foreign language. Culver recommends that students take this test in May or June of their Junior year.

ACT: The ACT, while not as old as the SAT, may be more relevant to students for its alignment with school curriculum. Culver encourages students to take the ACT twice during their Junior year and at least once during the fall of the Senior year.

AP: Advanced Placement (AP) exams are taken in May of each year as the final requirement when taking an AP class at Culver.

TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is given to all foreign students if English is not their native language. Most U.S. colleges require this test for admittance by foreign students.