Current Scholarships 

Ages 14-17 with Musical Experience 

Naval Band Scholarship

Each March, twelve extraordinary candidates will learn they have been selected for a musical summer experience second to none.

The Naval Band Scholarships at Culver Upper Schools will uplift them in mind, body, and spirit as they are prepared for the future and a lifetime of principled leadership. The program supports Upper School students between the ages of 14 and 17 who are recruited from across the United States. International students may also be nominated.

These scholarships are selected on the basis of merit only. Those selected campers will have the unique opportunity of not only playing music at its highest level, but will be able to choose from dozens of other activities and classes offered at Culver Upper Schools. Young men will become members of the Naval Band unit, while young women will participate in all Naval Band activities and performances with an additional option of participating in Concert Band.

The Selection Process:
A selection committee and the Summer Admissions Staff at Culver identify potential candidates for the Naval Band Scholarship Program within Culver’s applicant pool. Selection will be made by analyzing the Applicant Statement, Band Director form and overall citizenship. There will be strong competition for a Naval Band Scholarship. Applicants, once they have been invited to do so, should submit all application materials in a timely manner.

The Scholarship Covers:

  • Full tuition
  • Room and board
  • Uniform Stipend

Central Ohio Residents 

Foster Family Woodcraft Scholarship 

The Foster Scholarship provides Woodcraft campers (Beaver/Cardinal unit), ages 11-14, with the summer opportunity of a lifetime.

The Foster Scholarship is a full-tuition, merit scholarship that includes room and board, required fees, and uniforms. Preference will be given to those candidates qualifying for financial aid and those residing in central Ohio. The scholarship is renewable annually. Recipients who continue to excel academically, as a camp leader, and in activities will realize a total value of $20,000 over three summers at Culver. To be considered, applicants must have previously demonstrated excellence in academics, citizenship and character. Each scholarship recipient is expected to exemplify leadership in his or her cabin and to be in good citizenship standing while attending Woodcraft Camp.

The Foster Scholarship is open to campers who have displayed academic, citizenship, and character excellence, and who have been admitted to the Cardinal or Beaver level (ages 11-14) of Woodcraft Camp.

The Scholarship Covers: 

  • Full tuition 
  • Room and board 
  • Uniform Stipend 

Oklahoma Residents 

Jud Little Scholarship

The Jud Little Scholarship has been designated for a 8th grade boy or girl with a passion for horses and residing in rural Oklahoma to attend Culver Summer Schools & Camps.

The scholarship will cover full tuition, room and board, uniforms and horsemanship fees for the summer. The scholarship will be awarded based on family need and camper merit, and will be renewable on an annual basis.

To be considered, applicants will have demonstrated significant interest and experience in horsemanship activities, an excellent citizenship record, an academic record of achievement that ensures success at Culver Summer Schools & Camps, and those characteristics and traits that suggest the successful candidate will participate fully in Culver's leadership development program.

Applicants must apply and be accepted to Culver Summer Schools & Camps as well as the Jud Little Summer Scholarship application.

The Scholarship Covers: 

  • Full tuition 
  • Room and board 
  • Uniform Stipend 

Michigan Residents 

Virginia S. & Mark T. Little Woodcraft Scholarship

The Virginia S. and Mark T. Little Scholarship has been designated for an outstanding girl or boy residing in Kalamazoo County, Michigan to attend the Woodcraft Camp.

The scholarship will cover full tuition, room and board, uniforms and equitation fees for the summer. The scholarship will be awarded based on financial need and the potential for future success. To be considered, successful candidates for the Woodcraft Camp Scholarship must be well-rounded individuals who exhibit potential for future success and have an interest in Woodcraft camp activities.

Applicants must apply and be accepted to Woodcraft Camp as well as complete the Virginia S. and Mark T. Little Scholarship application.

The Scholarship Covers: 

  • Full tuition
  • Room and board
  • Uniform Stipend

How to apply for a scholarship

Follow the directions below to fully apply for a scholarship. Follow up with Culver to make sure your application is complete at

1. Apply to Camp

Apply to camp at Parents must complete the online application and pay the $50.00 Application Fee. The Application Fee is required for all applications. Requesting Financial Aid does not waive the fee. The Application Fee must be paid in order to submit and process your child's application. When filling out the application, mark "YES" to the question regarding Financial Aid.

2. Apply for the Scholarship

Choose the appropriate scholarship listed on this page. Download and print the Merit Scholarship Application here. 

Complete the scholarship form and return it to Culver by mail, fax (574) 842-8462 or email to Have a teacher/principal/band director complete the scholarship evaluation form and send directly to Culver by mail, fax 574-842-8462 or email You should complete this application soon after applying to camp.

Families may apply for either need-based assistance, merit-based scholarship, or both.

3. Apply for Financial Aid

After your child has been approved for camp, you will receive an email regarding Financial Aid, including documents and processes which you must complete by February 15, 2018, at the latest. Culver has partnered with School and Student Services (SSS), our online resource for applying for financial aid. You must complete the online financial aid application and pay the $49 non-refundable application fee at to be considered for financial aid. SSS will ask you to submit your 2017 W-2 and your 1040 from 2017 as well as any other supplemental income. Do not send these forms to Culver

In addition to the financial information, there are three forms that must be completed and sent to SSS. This includes the Applicant Statement (to be completed by your child in his/her own handwriting) and School Grades form (or a copy of the most recent grade report) and the Parent Consideration form. These forms will be emailed to you with more detailed information after your child has been approved for camp.

All forms and information for Financial Aid must be complete, submitted to SSS no later than February 15, 2018.

The Financial Aid Committee will consider all completed Financial Aid applications. Availability of Culver financial aid funds and family finances will be the largest factor in determining the awards. Awards vary based on need and a significant financial contribution is expected of the family to cover remaining tuition and other costs such as the application fee, tuition deposit, transportation, and uniforms.

Culver pledges to do its best to meet the needs of families, but there can be no guarantee that the demonstrated financial need of all those who apply can be met.

Questions about the process should be addressed by email to the Summer Financial Aid Administrator, at