Modern & Classical Languages

Understanding & Appreciating Languages & Cultures

Culver students not only embrace global citizenship, but also strive to gain a deeper understanding of the languages and cultures of others.

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages strives to develop global citizens who are able to communicate effectively and empathize with all cultures.

Modern & Classical Language Instruction

  • Courses provide a foundation in Chinese, French, Latin and Spanish – and all upper-level modern language classes are conducted primarily in the target language.
  • The Honors Seminar expands student knowledge of a target language, its literature and culture through the completion of a research project under the guidance of an honors advisor.  
  • Instructors encourage student participation through questions, answers and inductive teaching, ensuring students gain skills that will be useful in any future career.

Honors in Language

Are you passionate about a world language? Would you like to expand your knowledge and get a head start for college? Honors in Language might be for you!

Seniors enrolled in Honors in Language, under the guidance of an honors advisor, will expand their knowledge of a target language, literature, and culture through the completion of a research paper or project.


Interested in getting started? Here’s what you’ll need to know. Students must be…

  • Enrolled, or have completed a fourth year elective or AP Language course
  • Recommended by most recent instructor
  • Enrolled in the Honors Seminar (this is a 2 term solid course)

The Honors Seminar project will be designed by the student and approved by an advisor. After completion, students will defend their Honors Seminar project in front of an honors committee.

If you’d like to learn more about the Honors in Language program, please contact Modern & Classical Languages Department Chair, Cory Barnes, at