Leadership System

A Culver summer is an opportunity for fun, friendship, and a chance to learn about leadership skills that build confidence for a lifetime. Unlike ordinary summer camps, Culver provides a strong focus on the development of leadership skills – an approach that instills courtesy, personal organization, and the ability to make well thought-out choices.


The leadership system, for both boys and girls, explores the core values of effective leadership – good communication and listening skills, group dynamics, decision-making, and consideration for others. The system is designed to provide leadership opportunities and experiences that develop campers into both self-confident, capable leaders and knowledgeable, involved followers. The leadership system teaches campers to first to first lead themselves before they lead others. 



What will you experience during a summer at Culver?


What happens when more than 1,400 young people from all over the world gather to
explore their interests and expand their talents? A summer of unbridled transformation
and growth.

Students discover:
• Personal passions and a greater sense of self
• Independence and self-trust
• How to build successful community


With more than 80 classes to choose from, each Culver camper is able to craft a summer experience that mixes meaningful coursework with freedom and fun.

Students learn:
• An appreciation for cultures and traditions
• The importance of followership before leadership
• New and unique skills through competitions, electives and activities.


By summer’s end, campers have gained independence, leadership skills, increased self-confidence – and a great sense of pride in their accomplishments. The experience, and its impact, is often profound and life changing.
• Gains in independence
• Increased self-confidence
• Success in being part of something greater than themselves.
• Awareness of leadership skills in themselves and its impact on others.

Shared Values of the Culver Summer Schools & Camps

Honesty- Tell the truth, be genuine, overcome the temptation to steal or cheat. 
Leadership- Learn when to follow and when to lead, have concern for the welfare of team members. 
Self Discipline- Be patient, slow to anger, avoid impulsive behavior, consider the consequences. 
Consideration- Avoid offensive behavior or language, clean up after yourself. 
Cooperation- Listen to others, worth together and compromise.