Leadership Education

Character in Action

Like many other schools, Culver sees character education as an essential virtue for our students to become productive members of society. In the classroom this is done through the Center for Leadership – an academic department designed to develop and teach leadership through a variety of courses.

But Culver takes it a step further by putting this education into practice through the CMA and CGA leadership systems, senior service projects, and a variety of extracurricular opportunities.

The role of the Center for Leadership is to develop and teach academic leadership courses that support the experiential leadership learning within units and dorms.


Outside the classroom, boys and girls use different leadership systems to meet the unique leadership needs and learning experiences required of all Culver students.

Culver Military Academy (CMA)

During the first year, cadets are required to pass all tests in the Orientation course and are evaluated within the units on their followership performance and future leadership potential. Their followership learning experience culminates when cadets pass Boards, consisting of both written and oral exams.

As cadets grow, they assume levels of higher responsibility and move into leadership roles. The learning experience is broadened with young men rotating through a number of leadership positions throughout each school year. The leadership learning experience attains its high point during the senior year as cadets assume responsibility for the training and functioning of the entire Corps of cadets.

Culver Girls Academy (CGA)

Young women begin their leadership learning experience within the dorms under the prefect system, an evolution of the English boarding school leadership system, where many decisions are arrived at through consensus within committee.

Like the boys CGA students begin their learning as followers, by supporting the decisions of their prefects. Upon passing the Orientation course new students are awarded their Crests. Sophomore girls can apply to become leaders within Culver Girls Academy for their junior year. Upon successful completion of the leadership program, girls are selected for leadership positions within the dorm during their junior year.

As their Culver experience continues, young women assume leadership roles of greater responsibility, and in their senior year they are responsible for the effective functioning of all girls.

Senior Service Projects

Formally known as the Service Leadership Practicum, on campus this capstone to a Culver career is referred to as the Senior Service Project. Each senior identifies a social need, in our local community or abroad, and uses what they have learned about themselves and leadership to engage in a meaningful project to support that need.

These projects are self initiated and result in an increased sense of competence, purpose, and enlightenment in each student.


Most students complete their senior project in 30-40 hours. Below you will find the requirements for completion.

  1. Vision Statement
  2. Goals and Objectives
  3. Community Description and Stakeholder Analysis
  4. Documentation of research, preparation, implementation, daily reports and evaluation
  5. Reflections – ongoing journal and final reflection
  6. Performance review based on their self assessment
  7. Publication/presentation/portfolio in website format.


You can learn more about senior service projects and see what current students are working on by vising the Service Leadership Practicum site.

Women & Leadership

Throughout history, women have be underrepresented in the field of leadership. But the 21st century beckons for new leadership that includes female styles and attributes.

The Women and Leadership Institute responds to this call by helping girls develop their leadership potential through education and training that promotes their strengths and self-development.


Research shows that girls thrive when given opportunities to collaborate together and connect with other women in a supportive environment. The Institute serves to promote programs that connects girls with women role models and provides them with knowledge in the field of women and leadership.

These single sex opportunities are balanced with coed leadership roles where young women and men can engage in global leadership experiences in an equitable way.

CGA Leadership Training

There are many opportunities to serve as a student at Culver. The CGA Leadership Training Program prepares students for leadership within the Prefect System and for future leadership opportunities beyond Culver.

Students interested in serving as a prefect are required to successfully complete CGA Leadership Training. 

The Leadership Training Program includes two formal phases of training. Prefects also receive ongoing in-service training and evaluation throughout their leadership experience.


CGA’s Prefect System was derived from the prefect concept of student government traditional in the public schools of Great Britain and many college preparatory schools in this country. Prefects enforce rules and regulations, while setting a good example, and serve on various committees providing them with extended experience in the responsibility and exercise of leadership.

What to know more? Check out the Culver Girls Academy and Prefect System.