JV Volleyball

CGA Volleyball is more than a place to excel athletically.  Our student-athletes develop leadership skills, lasting friendships and a sense of team spirit.  Hear what our players have to say:

Even though it's tough, I've learned to push myself for the team.  I'm not just playing for myself, I'm playing for my teammates, and we are playing to win.  CGA Volleyball is not just volleyball.  It's a way to make friends for life through the torture of conditioning to the elation of diving to get the ball up.  It is a way to build trust and believe in others and yourself.  What you gain in the program comes off the court with you.

- Abby Jeffirs ('13)

Playing volleyball at Culver was a completely new experience for me.  I walked into the gym on the first day of my sophomore year as a stranger.  After senior night however, I left the gym with remarkable friendships.  During my time at Culver, I watched the program evolve into an elite and respected sports team.  It was a rewarding experience to be involved in the volleyball program.

- Emilly Gilland ('12)

#     First Name Last Name Position Hometown
2 Andie Brooke DS Bremen, Indiana
3 Mya Weeks OH Middlebury, Indiana
4 Ellie Tice DS Kokomo, Indiana
5 Nicole Maroney MH/DS New Buffalo, Michigan
9 Mary Ann Mitchell S Los Angeles, California
10 Katie Garland MH Culver, Indiana
11 Lexi Olivarez OH/MH Culver, Indiana
12 Gabrielle Maiolo S Las Vegas, Nevada
13 Katie Kapcheck OS/DS Mount Prospect, Illinois
14 Morgan Olivarez L Culver, Indiana
15 Sydney Rocha OH Steger, Illinois