JV Rugby

We were founded by Mike Segretto and other Cadets of the 04-05 class as a student club overseen by student activities and Captain Kehoe. Major Harris was the first coach of CMA’s "club" team. In 2005 Lane Pratt ‘06’ Club President and Jake Seberger ‘06’ asked current coach Darrell Knowlton to assist due to Major Harris being deployed to active duty.

In 2009 the club was moved from a “student club” to Varsity Status. We currently have about 50 players in the program. We have Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Developmental sides. Every Cadet that is on the team plays rugby in competitive games, throughout the season. Very few players come to the Academy with rugby experience and therefore a student does not need prior rugby training to play. We have many “crossover” athletes from a wide variety of sports.

We currently play in Rugby Indiana Super League (North Division), which is one of the toughest leagues in the country . Our home field is the Culver Academies Fleet Field on the old grass runway east of campus. Our former Culver Ruggers are playing all over the world on college, men's, women's, and military teams. If you require additional information please contact Head Coach Darrell Knowlton. 


First  Last Grade Position  Hometown 
Laken Alles 12 Forward  Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Mauricio  Bailleres 12 Back  Cancun, Mexico
Andrew Bishop  11 Back  Lakewood, OH
Lucas Carroll  10 Back  Grand Beach, MI
Christopher  Chandler 11 Back  Columbus, IN
Henry  Chandler 9 Back  Columbus, IN
Brennan Coulson 11 Back  Granite Bay, CA
Nic Dames  11 Back  Tuscon, AZ
Anuj Devatha 11 Back  Springfield, OH
Casey Easton 11 Back  Parker, CO
Kenneth  Ezeadiugwu 9 Back  Frisco, TX
Alex  Farmer 9 Back  Culver, IN
Ben  Fleschler 11 Forward  Plainfield, NJ
Manuel Flores 11 Back  Mexico City, Mexico
Dylan  Giacin 10 Back  St. Louise, MO
Nick  Gill  9 Forward  Tacoma, WA
Bruno Gracian 12 Forward  Gaudalajara, Mexico
Victor Gutierrez 11 Forward  Chula Vista, CA
Tyler Heer 10 Back  Huntington Beach, CA
Conner Henderson 10 Back  Westfield, IN
Cale Hensley 10 Forward  Plymouth, IN
Sebastian  Hernandez  10 Forward  Mexico, Mexico
Edward  Humphrey 10 Forward  Burlington, KY
Ahmed Kadous 9 Forward  Cairo, Egypt
Logan  Kephart 10 Forward  Culver, IN
Alex  Key 10 Forward  Indianapolis, IN
Zain Khodr 11 Forward  Houston, TX
Bumjoon Kim 11 Back  Seoul, South Korea
Collin Knowlton 10 Forward  Culver, IN
Panagiotis Kurtis 9 Forward  Culver, IN
Keefer  Lampert 11 Back  Culver, IN
Fernando  Lozano 9 Back  Mission, TX
Diego Mazon 10 Forward  Hermosillo, Mexico
James  Mechling-Smith 11 Forward  Argos, IN
Matthieu Menard 12 Forward  Bear, DE
Misikupa Sele 9 Forward  Perris, CA
Nic Ortega  10 Back  Jamundi, Colombia
Tim Perea  10 Back  Arvada, CO
Carlo Prandini 11 Forward  Los Mochis, Mexico
Miguel  Quintanilla 12 Back  Mexico City, Mexico
Andres  Sada 12 Back  Torreon, Mexico
Ben  Snyder 11 Forward  Carmel, IN
Alex Spiros 10 Forward Danville, IL
Evan  Spiros 10 Forward  Danville, IL
Grant Suttle 10 Forward  Potomac, MD
Mike  Whippo  11 Forward  Lakeville, IN
Cole  Winchester  12 Back  Frisco, TX
Marc Yanez 9 Back  Crown Point
Payton Disney  12 Student Trainer  Indianapolis, IN
Sandra Smith 11 Student Manager Walla Walla, WA