Eat, Sleep, Breathe. Culver.

Boarding is an essential component of the Culver experience, one that dates back to the beginning of our storied history and shared legacy. But boarding at Culver is much more than a tradition. Living and learning on the Culver campus helps our students embrace the Culver values.

The Culver Life


Ronaveer Mitra, CMA Senior

Each Culver journey is a unique pathway for a young person. The "Y" in the road that develops the necessary skills to be a leader and find their place in the world. To make a difference.

A Culver Story: Ronaveer Mitra

Senior Year: Episode 1
Senior Year: Episode 2
Senior Year: Episode 3

Your Home Away From Home

Spiritual Life

After a busy week of learning and activities, Culver students take time away from the everyday to reflect on their lives and to build community in weekly Spiritual Life Services. 

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Dorms & Barracks

Culver boarding students learn to respect differences end embrace diversity – all while living on a campus defined by its secluded beauty and cutting-edge facilities.

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Campus Support

High challenge meets high support. The drive to grown, learn, and succeed is matched by a support system crafted to meet the needs of the individual student.

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In The News

    Leadership & Character

    Culver students are “learning to lead, leading to serve, always by example” – and there is no better way to excel in the school’s leadership system than by living it every day. Boarding students quickly develop their independence and personal responsibility.

    Culver Military Academy

    While steeped in a heritage that dates back over one hundred years, CMA is a progressive college-preparatory school that uses the military model to educate and train its cadets in practical leadership. 

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    Culver Girls Academy

    Culver Girls Academy inspires girls to become their best selves and global leaders.  CGA provides each girl with opportunities to develop leadership skills used to lead her peers in CGA and throughout her life.

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    Global Studies Institute

    The Global Studies Institute is a non-partisan center for the study of international affairs and a forum for open, serious, and informed discussion of the great challenges facing the world community.

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    Horsemanship Program

    Since 1897, Culver’s world-renowned Horsemanship Program has been teaching students the qualities of wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice by placing them in the saddle.

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    Rubin School for the Entrepreneur

    The Ron Rubin School for the Entrepreneur provides Culver students with opportunities to learn, and practice, the skills of entrepreneurship that will prepare them for the real-world challenges of the 21st century.

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    Sustainability at Culver

    From participating in the Green Life club to studying challenging subjects in sustainability and creating service leadership projects sustainability at Culver takes on a variety of roles. 

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    Global Pathways Spring Program

    GPS trips provide service-learning and cultural exchange opportunities for students and staff who have a desire to learn about another culture and live as global citizens.

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    Student Accommodation

    High challenge meets high support. The drive to grown, learn, and succeed is matched by a support system crafted to meet the needs of the individual student.

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