Health Center Information

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Health Center Information

The Health Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the school year. The Health Center is closed during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break. Students may access the Health Center anytime during the day to see a nurse for illness or injury or other health needs. Students may also come to the health center to obtain their daily and weekly prescription medications. The Academy Medical Provider is available to see students during day and at sick calls which range from Monday thru Friday twice daily at 7:30 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. On Saturday and Sundays the Academy Medical Provider will see students at 8:00 a.m. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the health center at 574-842-7800

Medical and Dental Leaves

Medical and Dental Leaves need to be arranged for all students that will be leaving campus with their parent or designee to attend Medical or Dental appointments and need to be off campus during the day or overnight. Parents MUST call the Health Center to obtain the Medical or Dental Leave PRIOR to the student’s departure date from campus. A medical or dental leave will be completed by the Health Center to arrange absence from class. Failure to obtain a medical or dental leave may result in unexcused absence(s) from class or other required school functions. 

When a student returns to campus from a medical leave, information from the appointment needs to be returned to the Health Center by the parent or student before they return to their dorm or barrack. This information may be the doctor’s office note (electronic or handwritten) that contains information regarding the student’s appointment. If needed, the Health Center can provide to parents the standard form that is used to obtain such information for doctor’s appointments and contains needed information. 

Failure to return information to the Health Center for medical appointments may result in a lapse of coordination of care for Physical Therapy or Rehabilitation by the Athletic Trainers, a delay in returning to athletics for students who have been released from injury or other required activities.

**Appointments for students arranged through the Health Center and utilizing the Health Center transportation will receive a permit for leave on the day of their appointment. Medical or Dental leaves do not need to be arranged by parents for these types of appointments.**

When a parent picks up the student for medical or dental leaves they must be signed out through the Officer in Charge (OC) for cadets and CGA through their dorms.

Medical Withdrawal

A student is granted a Medical Withdrawal when he or she has been, or is expected to be, away from school for the equivalent of at least one grading period due to medical or psychological causes.  

Re-admission will be based on review of the treatment received and aftercare recommendations by Health Center professionals. And they, along with the Academic Affairs and Student Life offices will determine whether the Academies can meet the needs of the student in question.  No return should be anticipated until this review is completed.       

Health Insurance

Out of concern for the health and welfare of our students, Culver Academies requires that every student be covered by a comprehensive injury and sickness plan, one that meets the high cost of medical services and is accepted by local providers and practitioners. International students are required to purchase international insurance through Culver Academies. Alternate international insurance/travel policies will not be sufficient or accepted.  

Culver Academies International Insurance details

Price for the 2020-2021 school year is $2,065 for ten months. This policy will begin in August and end the first part of June.  Please note that this policy is not extendable.

Please NOTE:  We encourage you to print and read the insurance policy brochure and/or Plan Summary.