Technology Guidelines/Responsible Use Policy

In keeping with the Academies’ mission “to educate students for leadership and responsible citizenship in society” Culver provides access to a variety of technology tools for students to achieve excellence in their academic endeavors through innovation, collaboration, and communication. These tools include the Culver network, computers, software, cameras, projectors and many others.

While you are encouraged to make full use of these tools for a variety of academic and Culver-related projects, you are also responsible for using the technology with respect and care, understanding that the technology is a shared resource and the property of Culver Academies. Culver educational activities have clear priority over your personal use. In order to protect the health of the resources, the Culver Information Technology Department has the right to routinely monitor usage and report suspected misuse to Student Life, who will determine appropriate consequences in keeping Culver's citizenship and discipline (Chapter 4, Student Handbook).

In order to receive your computer, you will sign the Responsible Use Policy (see copy below), acknowledging your responsibility to understand these expectations and to strive to uphold them. And, as with all activities at Culver, the Culver Honor Code and Code of Conduct applies to your use of technology. The following expectations are in place to protect not only your privacy and liability but also the health of the network, equipment and data. Your goal in using the technology should be to achieve a high level of success in whatever academic or Culver-related endeavor you pursue during your time here at Culver.

Laptop Repairs

In the event that your computer or other Culver Technology is not operating correctly or in need of repair, you are responsible for taking it to the Service Desk (1st floor of Huffington Library). You can also use the online Webhelp website www.culver.org/webhelp to report problems and request assistance for technology needs.

The laptop is on lease from a third party, and therefore, must be maintained in good working order. All students will be provided with a case to store the laptop. When the device is brought into the IT Service Desk, it will be assessed for any needed repair to maintain its functionality. In the event that there is damage to the laptop, the repair will be performed or another working laptop will be issured to the student. Stickers and/or writing on the laptop will be considered damage. Students will be billed for the repair part(s), at cost. Students will incur a charge for warranty items that were not damaged accidentally (such as bad system boards, RAM, hard drives). Culver aims to teach students how to become responsible leaders, including respect for property provided for their academic and personal use.  

Mobile Devices and Printers

Students are authorized to connect personal devices running mobile operating systems such as a smart phone, eReader, or tablet (iPad, Kindle Fire, etc.) to the Culver Guest Wireless Network. Other network devices like cell phone boosters, wireless hotspots, network attached storage, and network printers are prohibited. Personal laptops and computers are discouraged as Culver provides a laptop that is formatted with special software to meet academic needs. Personal printers are discouraged because Culver Academies provides the ability for students to print (at no charge) at various locations around campus. 

Technology Security Expectations

The security and integrity of information stored in each user's computer is the responsibility of the individual user. Computer accounts, passwords, security codes and other types of authorization are assigned to individual users and these must not be shared with or used by others. The Academy reserves the right to bypass such passwords and to access, view or mnitor technology resources and all of their content. 

The following activities are not permitted, and depending on severity, could result in corrective action rising to the level of a Type 1 offense, resulting in Citizen Probation or dismissal (Chapter 4, Student Handbook, Citizenship and Discipline).

Concerning your privacy and liability:

  • Sharing of your ID/password or using someone else’s ID/password
  • Displaying, sending, or creating offensive messages or pictures
  • Harassing, bullying, insulting, and/or attacking others using technology
  • Electronic trespassing (unauthorized entry)
  • Theft of material in violation of copyright and/or licensing laws
  • Inappropriate sexual behavior (includes displaying, creating, or sending messages or images)
  • Compromising the welfare and/or reputation of Culver Academies through inappropriate behavior

Concerning the network and data security:

  • Streaming audio or video for non-academic purposes during academic hours is forbidden. Academic hours are considered Monday through Friday, 8:15 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, 7:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. (CQ – study time).
  • Bypassing the network filters (this threatens the security of the entire network)
  • Any attempt to harm or destroy data
  • Connecting unauthorized devices to the Culver Network.

Concerning equipment:

  • Damaging or attempting to damage technology

Concerning academic use:

  • Repeated classroom misconduct including use of Culver technology to access non‐academic resources during the academic day
  • Honor violations of cheating or plagiarism
  • Using Culver technology for non‐Culver commercial purposes

General use:

  • General misconduct or use of inappropriate language online
  • Use of Unauthorized devices (cell phone boosters, wireless hotspots, network attached storage, network printers)
  • Accessing non‐academic sites during study time

Responsible Use Policy (RUP)

You will sign the following Responsible Use Policy before you receive your computer. A digital copy is retained on file for your time at Culver.

Internet and Social Media

Culver recognizes the many benefits of technology, but also recognizes there are risks associated with use of Social Media networks. Culver strongly believes in open dialogue and diversity of thought. These guidelines do not seek to limit those expressions, but rather to foster discourse in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

All students should manage their online privacy carefully and ensure their activities are consistent with all Academy rules and policies, including the Responsible Use Policy. Bullying, discrimnination, and   harrassment will not be tolerated. Information posted on social media sites can potentially be viewed by anyone and cannot be deleted.