The Difference

It's all about experiencing the Culver Difference.

The intrinsic desire to pursue excellence, leadership, knowledge, and tradition - from the first year student to the 30 year faculty member - is omnipresent throughout the Culver campus.

The Culver difference begins with your decision to become part of it.

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In Our Students

Culver teaches students to value the communal good in the club, the team, the dorm, to understand and appreciate the views of others, and to explore and find common ground.

With students from more than 40 states and 25 countries, Culver exposes students to a wide array of thoughts, beliefs, and traditions 24/7.

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Lead Yourself. Lead Others.

The leadership curriculum, for both boys and girls, explores the core values of effective leadership – good communication and listening skills, group dynamics, consensus building, decision-making, goal setting, negotiation, motivation, and ethics. This student run system is designed to provide leadership opportunities and 

experiences that develops students into both self-confident, capable leaders and knowledgeable, involved followers from the Regimental Commander to the Library Prefect. A four year program, our leadership system teaches students to lead themselves before they lead others. The Culver difference begins with your decision to become part of it.

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Service to Others

All students have the opportunity to be involved in programs and clubs such as, Community Service Council, Leadership Committee for Africa, and Green Life that serve the community throughout all four years.

Additionally, each senior completes a self-designed community service project that teaches organization, planning, supervisory skills, and project management. The Senior Service Practicum is the keystone to merging Leadership and Service.

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Character Excellence

The formation of a Culver student’s character is woven into the fabric of how he or she navigates the world. Students, faculty and staff collaborate to be the best they can be – in the classroom, in the dorm, on the athletic field, on horseback, and on stage – individually and collectively.

Wisdom, courage, moderation and justice are taught through leadership classes, dorm life, athletic bonding. All four years.

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In the Programs

It's clear that the whole person education - mind, body, and spirit - is the foundation for developing successful leaders, aspiring minds, and responsible global citizens.

Culver sets the bar high with exceptional programs in Horsemanship, Athletics, Fine Arts, and Spiritual Life, which prepare young men and women for college and beyond.

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Since 1897, Culver’s Horsemanship Program has been teaching students the qualities of wisdom, courage, and moderation, and justice. Culver rode in its first inaugural parade in 1913 and has participated in 16 others including George W. Bush and Barack Obama’s.

From rough riding to hunter/jumper, Culver offers a variety of clubs and sports that compete on a national level. Culver’s boys and girls polo teams have sent many players on to the collegiate ranks.

With programs like Honors in Equine Science and equine sculpting, Culver also takes the classroom into the stables. Vaughn Equestrian Center is home to the largest cavalry unit in the United States stabling nearly 100 head. Our equestrian center also houses one of the largest scholastic indoor riding arenas in the United States.

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Athletics are an important part of life at Culver. With more than 50 interscholastic athletic teams, typically over 70% of our students participate on at least one team during the school year. Culver has produced hall of fame hockey players, collegiate coaches, NCAA Division I players, national record holders, and state champions – both team and individual.

In addition to traditional high school sports, Culver offers hockey, lacrosse, rugby, crew, fencing, sailing, skeet & trap shooting, polo, and hunter/jumper. As part of our whole person philosophy Culver offers an extensive, student designed, intramural program which includes yoga, badminton, spinning, table tennis, & weight training.

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Fine Arts

Through four diverse yet related areas – visual art, music, dance and theatre – Culver’s fine arts program supports intellectual and personal development in an integrated manner.
Student groups perform for each other and show their work to the school community at large. The Huffington Concert and Visiting Artist series brings professional touring artists to campus not only to entertain, but also to serve as examples of exceptional artistic practice; some even serving in residence as teachers of our master classes.

Just 2 ½ hours from Chicago, faculty and students can participate in our Culture in Chicago program, providing the opportunity to experience opera, theatre, dance, and all the other cultural events the greater Chicago area has to offer.
Housed in both the Crisp Visual Arts Center and the Steinbrenner Performing Arts Center, some of the unique class offered include dance for athletes, film studies, theatre tech, photography, ceramics, equine sculpting, and private lessons in music and voice.
Culver faculty and students have performed and studied worldwide, including: The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, Mozart International Choral Festival in Salzburg, Austria, Carnegie Hall, Florence Italy, and Notre Dame de Paris. 

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Spiritual Life

Culver seeks to nurture the spiritual life of a culturally diverse boarding school community through worship opportunities, innovative course design, pastoral care, and attention to the spiritual formation of the individual.

Taking an experiential and intellectual approach, spiritual life staff manage to bring the texts to life, demonstrating the role of religion in the lives of real people, real history, and real circumstances.

Spiritual life isn’t limited to our various worship communities, but can be found in the classroom as well as pastoral care services, helping students and staff find their own stories and see those stories in a new way through the great stories of our faith traditions.

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In Academics

Culver promises exceptional academics, preparing students for success in higher education.

With an emphasis on student leadership in the classroom and innovative teaching methods Culver promotes a lifelong love of learning and a commitment to the responsible stewardship of knowledge with support services to meet the needs of our high challenge environment.

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In The Classroom

Culver’s high challenge, high support academic environment gives students a competitive advantage when it comes to college admissions and in life. With our harkness classrooms, block scheduling, and AP & honors classes, students acquire the depth and breadth of the subject.

Our support programs includes an academic skills center, academic advising, writing center, peer coaches, counselors, and mentors.

The student-teacher relationship does not end in the classroom, but can be found everywhere from the athletic field and extracurricular activities to the dorm and unit life. Our teachers become mentors inside and outside the classroom.

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Outside the Classroom

Intellectual development at a different level.

The challenging environment doesn’t end in the classroom. The boarding school atmosphere provides opportunities for unique educational experiences and special programs.

From continuing a study of a foreign language to learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, from planting a garden to Boy Scouts and Venturing club, Culver students have opportunities to grow academically and socially outside the classroom.

To graduate with honors, students design, implement, and present the results of an independent research project. Under the guidance of an expert instructor, students gain an experience that most wouldn’t receive until college.


Since 2004, Culver has provided students with a personal laptop and continues to pursue the latest innovations in the classroom. From campus-wide WIFI to tablets and technology in the classroom, Culver is changing the way students learn and communicate.

All students must take a Digital Citizenship class where they learn the rights and responsibilities of accessing and using information in connection with the Culver Honor Code.

The significant use of technology at Culver is supported by a 24/7 IT support department assisting faculty, staff, and students with hardware and software issues.

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In The World

Coming to Culver means you’ll be going places.

Not only is Culver home to students from 37 states and 28 countries, but our global reach expands to many parts of the world.

Through our unique worldwide programs students will take advantage of opportunities like the Global Studies Institute, Leadership Committee for Africa, and Spring Break in Mission, gaining an understanding of the ever changing global community.

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The Global Studies Institute

In a rapidly changing environment where the world seems to be getting smaller and more connected, international studies is increasingly important for our 21st century classroom. The Global Studies institute (GSI) aims to help Culver students become more knowledgeable and conscientious global citizens through open forums, informed discussions, international seminar speakers, and Culver @ UN.

Students and faculty are afforded the opportunity to visit distant lands and experience foreign cultures on a “person-to-person” basis, directly and through the use of cutting edge technology and video conferencing.

The Global Studies Institute is the model for global education in the 21st century.

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Leadership Committee for Africa

Culver students are responsible, thoughtful, compassionate, and motivated – in their town, in their country, and in their world. That is why a contingent of students respond every year to the AIDS and poverty crisis in Africa through the Leadership Committee for Africa (LCA).

LCA wants to help women and children in Africa in their battle against poverty and AIDS by supporting programs that promote the health, welfare, education and advancement of women and children.
“The crisis there is our problem as well and we wish to do all that we can do to reverse it.”

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Global Pathways Spring Program

7 States and 22 Countries.
From New Orleans to Mexico, Ireland to Rome, Global Pathways Spring Program takes students all over the world to experience the sights, sounds, and rhythm of life outside Culver, IN.

Leaving in mid March, students depart for up to 3 weeks to participate in service-learning and cultural exchange opportunities all over the world. It’s a short trip with a big impact and one more way to introduce students to life beyond the States.

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Spoleto Study Abroad

Immersion – the best way to learn a language.

Culver is a member of the Spoleto Study Abroad consortium, a group of schools that sponsors summer study in Spoleto for students of Fine Arts and the Humanities, as well as Culver’s classroom in Italy, providing students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history, art, language and culture of Italy.

“I can now say I have seen the Sistine Chapel, explored the castles of Assisi, and walked the same path that Michelangelo did.” ~ Spoleto Student

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Culver’s Classroom in Italy

Overseas courses and study in Italy.

"The Renaissance City" becomes your classroom when you enroll in Culver’s Classroom in Italy. Designed by Culver faculty, the class applies the idea of immersion study to the Renaissance.

Students explore the humanistic idea of the city as art form and reflection of the human experience. Students present on the sites they visit; learn and practice basic Italian; and experience life in a place where "history" is all around them.

In the Campus

Seeing is believing when it comes to the Culver campus.

Situated on the North shores of Lake Maxinkuckee, Culver Academies feature first class facilities that spread over 1,700 acres of picturesque landscape, home to 800 students for 10 months out of the year and 1600 summer students during Culver Summer Schools & Camps. 

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Campus Aerial / Overview

"It's a wonderful, wonderful place, almost like an oasis."

The campus footprint is nearly as large as Lake Maxinkuckee itself spread over 1700 acres. 

With only a portion devoted to academic, student life, and athletic activities, much of Culver Academies is spread out over the hillsides and through the trees of the outlaying countryside, providing fields for the largest herd of horses in the nation - our Black Horse Troop, Summer Camp facilities, and the unique opportunities that Culver offers such as a Skeet Shooting and Venture Crew.


230 buildings make up the vast majority of facilities at Culver. Steeped in history and tradition, it's hard to miss the unique sights of the Collegiate-Gothic architecture that so prominently distinguishes the ambiance that visitors, alumni, and students have grown to love.

Athletics Complex

With an award winning tennis complex, a state of the art rowing facility, and dedicated space for over 50 athletic teams, Culver serves up a top notch athletic program with the facilities to back it up.

From the Henderson Ice Arena to our dedicated fencing room, an indoor track to a state of the art fitness center, you will find the history and tradition of a 100 year old athletic program with the modern resources to carry on the tradition.

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Lake Maxinkuckee

The second largest natural lake in Indiana, Lake Max (as it is commonly referred to) is the anchor of the Academies. Setting the scene for a picturesque landscape, Lake Max is the foundation for a world class summer program.

Drawing a crowd in the summer, Culver becomes a popular getaway for Chicagoans and Culver alumni.

In the Traditions

Traditions at Culver stem beyond the ceremony and embody the values of Culver.

Traditions at Culver stem beyond the ceremony and embody the values of Culver.

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Presidential Inaugural Parades

Since 1913, Culver has participated in 16 presidential inaugural parades the most recent being the Obama-Biden administration in 2013.

Veterans Day Ceremony

Our Annual Veterans Day Ceremony, a time honored Culver tradition, is tied to its roots in the military.  Since 1924 our Veterans Day ceremony has recognized the sacrifices made by Culver alumni and American soldiers during times of war at 11 a.m. on November 11.

The ceremony has not changed since that original Armistice Day ceremony was conducted at the Legion Memorial Building dedication over 80 years ago. 

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Honor System

"I will not lie, cheat, or steal and I will discourage others from such actions."

Conceived by and for the students of Culver Academies this Honor System is designed to help each Culver student understand what honor means and to help each Culver student learn to lead a life of honor.

The CMA and CGA honor councils administer the Honor System.

Garrison Parades

The culmination of the military system, garrison parades at Culver are one of a kind. With a contingent of howitzer canons, the Black Horse Troop, and over 400 students passing in review of special guests and dignitaries, you haven’t experienced Culver until you’ve attended a Garrison Parade.

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The matriculation of new students involves passing through the Logansport Gate entrance to the school and over the Leadership Plaza.

This is symbolic of the eventual passage through the Graduation Arch (girls) and Iron Gate (cadets) during the commencement ceremony.

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