Woodcraft Camp

Culver Woodcraft Camp 2016: June 18 - July 29

Culver Woodcraft Camp is a six-week, all-activity camp designed for boys and girls ages 9 to 14. Over 80 elective courses and a multitude of activities provide an unparalleled opportunity to fully participate in camp while improving self-confidence and developing independence and leadership skills.

Woodcrafters make new friends, discover and develop meaningful interests, acquire new skills and build confidence for the upcoming school year.



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Classes: Each Monday – Friday campers receive formal instruction during five 45-minute class periods; three classes in the morning and two classes in the afternoon. Classes are divided into three two-week trimesters. Students have more than 80 electives to choose from and most classes are two-weeks in length. Academic classes (English, Writing Composition, Reading and Math) meet for all six weeks.

Weekends: All campers participate in a General Inspection (GI) on Saturday morning. The combined Woodcraft and Upper School Garrison Parade starts at 7:00pm on Saturday evenings followed by Council Fire at 9:30pm.

Students attended one of five religious or spiritual life services each week. Jewish services are held on Fridays while Constructive Meditation, Roman Catholic, Muslim and Protestant services are held on Sunday mornings.

Students may leave campus on "Permit" with parents or, if authorized, with friends or another camper's parents on Saturdays and Sundays beginning with the second weekend of camp.




The A-frame cabins are equipped with ceiling fans and screened windows all around; Woodcrafters sleep practically in the open air. They each have a center bin, wardrobe and athletic bin for personal items.

Cabins house up to 12 Woodcrafters and a counselor. Each group of five cabins comprises a unit, which also includes a head counselor and three assistant counselors. The head counselor is your main point of contact throughout the summer.

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Each summer approximately 700 campers are divided into four Battalions: Cubs (9-12 year old boys); Beavers (12-14 year old boys); Butterflies (9-12 year old girls); and Cardinals (12-14 year old girls).

Cubs: Division 3
Division 4
Division 6
Beavers: Division 1
Division 5
Division 7
Drum & Bugle Corps
Butterflies: Butterfly Wing 1
Butterfly Wing 2
Butterfly Wing 3 
Cardinals: Cardinal Wing 1
Cardinal Wing 2
Cardinal Wing 3  


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There are three distinctive awards – the Bronze, Silver and Gold C's - which encourages all-round development. To earn the Culver C, Woodcrafters must obtain a certain number of points in every phase of camp – inspections, drill, athletic participation and daily points – in addition to basic requirements such as good citizenship and cleanliness of personal items and themselves. All first-year campers begin as a Bronze C.


Progressive achievement is emphasized and recognized in the Culver 'C' plan as the requirements for each medal are increasingly difficult. Graduates of Woodcraft who earn a Cardinal or Beaver Gold "C" are admitted into the Culver Summer Schools Alumni Association (CSSAA).


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