Woodcraft Camp

Culver Woodcraft Camp 2015: June 20 - July 31

Culver Woodcraft Camp is a six-week, all-activity camp designed for boys and girls, ages 9 to 14. Over 60 electives provide an unparalleled opportunity to participate in unique activities, improve academics and compete in athletics, all while improving self- confidence. Woodcrafters also develop an understanding of and appreciation for nature and other cultures.

Woodcrafters make new friends, discover and develop worth-while interests, acquire new skills and build confidence for the upcoming school year.


  • Live for six weeks in a wholesome and healthy environment on the shores of Lake Maxinkuckee.
  • Make use of Culver Academies’ campus and facilities.
  • Make new friends from around the world.
  • Profit from a good blend of work and play.
  • Receive individual attention and careful supervision.
  • Learn by doing and acquire new skills in a wide variety of activities.
  • Acquire habits of neatness, promptness, poise and courtesy.
  • Earn awards and recognition for personal and group worth-while achievement.
  • Be provided with skilled medical care.
  • Obtain lifetime dividends in educational and health values from a
    moderate investment.
  • Have the option of being visited by parents and friends every weekend (except the first) who find Culver a wonderful spot for a weekend trip.



6:50 Reveille and Sick Call 1:00 Rest Period
7:15 Breakfast Roll Call 2:00 5th Class Period
8:10 Personal Inspection 3:30 Athletic Competitions or Free Swim
8:30 1st Class Period - View electives offered 5:00 Showers
9:20 2nd Class Period 5:30 Supper Roll Call
10:20 3rd Class Period 6:30 Special Activities, Track Meet, Movie or Retreat Parade
11:15 4th Class Period 9:00 Milk and Cookies
12:15 Dinner Roll Call 9:30 Taps



                 DSC 0394                                        DSC 0816                                                 

                                       Thursday                                                                                                Saturday
Track, Swim Meets                                                       Permits, Council Fire, Garrison Parade

                                                                             IMG 4150

                                                                         Religious Services, Permits, Awards



The A-frame cabins are equipped with ceiling fans and screened windows all around; Woodcrafters sleep practically in the open air. They each have a center bin, wardrobe and athletic bin for personal items.

Cabins house up to 12 Woodcrafters and a counselor. Each group of five cabins comprises a unit, which also includes a head counselor and three assistant counselors. The head counselor is your main point of contact and is equipped with a telephone and email.

To see the inside of a Woodcraft cabin check out our Culver Summer Camp Virtual Tour!

A progressive achievement

There are three distinctive awards – the Bronze, Silver and Gold “C’s,” which encourages all-round development. To earn the Culver “C”, Woodcrafters must obtain a certain number of points in every phase of camp – inspections, drill, athletic participation and daily points – in addition to such basic requirements as good citizenship and cleanliness of personal items and themselves.

Progressive achievement is emphasized and recognized in the Culver “C” plan. The requirements for each medal are increasingly difficult. The Gold “C,” carrying with it graduation and admittance into the Culver Summer Schools Alumni Association (CSSAA), represents two or more summers of achievement.


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