Culver Upper Camp 2016: June 18 - July 29


The Culver Upper Camp is a six-week coed camp for ages 14-18 year olds. Boys must decide between the Naval School, the Cavalry School, or the Aviation School. Each school has its own unique uniforms, customs and traditions. Girls are organized into Decks and may choose to take the same sailing, horsemanship or aviation classes that are required of the boys.

New for 2015 is Deck 7, a girls' unit where all members must be enrolled in Basic or Advanced Horsemanship class. The girls of Deck 7 will be mounted, like the boys' Troop, during Saturday Garrison Parades.

Upper Camp is, first and foremost, a leadership development program that is designed to instill followership, and then leadership, over the course of three summers. Culver uses a military organizational structure where boys and girls have equal chances to earn leadership positions within the Regiment.

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Classes: Students receive formal instruction during six 45-minute class periods; four classes meet in the morning, and two classes meet after lunch in the afternoon. Classes are divided into three trimesters, meaning a new set of classes are scheduled every two weeks. Students have more than 80 classes to choose from, and though most courses are two-weeks in length, some classes meet for all six weeks. There are a few mandatory classes, depending on the school selected (Naval, Cavalry, or Aviation).

Recreation Period: Most afternoons are devoted to intramural sports, but some free time does exist where students may visit with one another, enjoy the snack bar, or take advantage of Culver's outstanding facilities:

  • Completely renovated nine-hole golf course
  • Ice rink
  • Swim piers (or pool)
  • Over 100 watercraft
  • 15 tennis courts
  • Fitness center

Evening: Though there are a few scheduled intramural games, most evenings are devoted to social time where students can relax and hang out with old friends, or meet new friends from around the world.



All students participate in a General Inspection on Saturday morning, followed by the weekly track meet. Saturday afternoons are usually free, and with the exception of the 1st and 5th weekends, students may leave campus on "Permit" with parents or, if authorized, with friends or another student's parents.

The combined Woodcraft and Upper School Garrison Parade starts at 7:00pm on Saturday evenings, followed by the Woodcraft Council Fire performance at 9:30pm (the Council Fire is optional for Upper School students).

Students attend one of five religious or spiritual life services on Sunday morning (Jewish and Muslim services are held on Fridays), and Permits are again authorized for the afternoon.



In addition to the new Girls' Horsemanship Deck (Deck 7), there will two additional Naval Companies in 2015. Enrollment for the Upper Camp will remain the same; the intent is to create smaller units, thereby establishing more leadership opportunities as well as creating more involvement for all students in various athletic and military competitions. A bonus benefit of the smaller units is realized by having a more manageable and favorable counselor-to-student ratio.

The Regiment totals 700 boys and girls, divided into five Battalions as follows:

Naval Naval Battalion I Naval Band 60
Company 1 48
Company 2 48
Naval Battalion II Company 3 48
Company 4 48
Company 5 48
Company 6 48
Aviation Air- Cav Battalion Squadron A 50
Horsemanship Troop A 50
Girls Girls Battalion I Deck 1 36
Deck 2 36
Deck 3 36
Girls Battalion II Deck 4 36
Deck 5 36
Deck 6 36
Deck 7 36



Much of the students' focus throughout the summer is on the success of their unit, not themselves. However, the success of the unit often relies on the success of the individuals. The Tuxis medal is the highest award that can be earned in the Upper School and comes in three versions:

The Bronze Tuxis is the goal for new Third Classmen, the Silver Tuxis is for Second Classmen, and the Gold Tuxis is reserved for graduating First Classmen.

The Tuxis is a progressive achievement that requires students to experience all facets of the Upper Camp program. It is not necessary to excel in any one area, but students must reach a certain standard in all areas. The requirements for the Silver Tuxis are more difficult than the Bronze Tuxis, just as the Gold Tuxis has the most stringent requirements of all. The pursuit of the Tuxis medal is optional, but ultimate promotion and selection for leadership positions do hinge on individuals successfully pursing their Tuxis medal.

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