Summer Discounts

Pay-in-Full Tuition Discount

Our new tuition discount is no longer based on submitting an early application - rather, families will receive a $500 discount (6-week campers) or a $75 discount (Junior Woodcrafters) if they have been approved for camp before January 15th and pay their tuition in full before January 31st. Please be sure to have your child's application submitted by January 1st if you wish to be approved by January 15th. It takes our admissions offices approximately two weeks to process an application once it has been completed by the parent (this includes the reciept of teacher recommendation forms for new campers).

Culver strongly recommends that you to submit your application early in order to avoid being placed on the waiting list.

Pay-in-Full Tuition Discount does not apply to appilcations requesting the Employee Discount or Financial Aid. In turn, if you pay the tuition in full by the deadline to receive the Pay-in-Full Tuition Discount, you will not be eligible for Financial Aid.

*For 6-week camp (Woodcraft/Upper Camp):  Submitting the $500 Registration Deposit by January 31st will provide no discount. The $500 Deposit simply reserves your child a bed for Summer 2014.

*For Junior Woodcraft Camp: Submitting the completed application with the $50 application fee will provide no discount. The tuition must be paid


Employee Discount

Summer staff who are hired to work camp are entitled to a discount for their child's tuition to attend Culver Summer Schools & Camps (Junior Woodcraft, Woodcraft Camp, and Upper Camp).

To learn more about this opportunity, please contact our camp directors. To apply for summer employment, please visit our employment page.


Sibling Discount

In order to qualify for the sibling discount, campers must be siblings from the same family and in the same camp program (6-Week Camp or Junior Woodcraft). If one of the campers does not complete the program, the discount will be forfeited. Discounts may be deducted from the tuition payment.

For 6-Week Camp (Woodcraft/Upper Camp): The sibling discount is $125 per sibling. If one of your children is awarded a summer scholarship (not financial aid), he/she is not eligible for the sibling discount.

For Junior Woodcraft: The sibling discount is $25 per sibling.

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