Financial Aid

The cost of six weeks at Culver Summer Schools & Camps is competitive with the cost of most overnight YMCA or sports camps. We understand, however, that not every family can afford the full cost of camp. We also believe that no family should be deterred from applying because of the cost of tuition. That is why we have need-based financial aid available for families who qualify. Awards of need-based aid depend solely on a family's financial profile and are independent from the admissions process. Additionally, a financial commitment is still required of families who qualify to cover costs such as the application fee, remaining tuition, transportation, uniforms and spending money.

Culver Summer Schools & Camps also has other scholarships that have been designed for children of certain ages, demographic areas and for those interested in the Naval Band. Please visit the Scholarships page for additional information.

Last summer approximately 200 children received some form of financial assistance. Need-based financial aid and scholarships are available for only our six-week programs.

Questions about the process should be addressed to Emily Ryman at (574) 842-8209 or by email at



  1. Apply to camp through the regular application process. Parents must complete the online application, and pay the $50 application fee.

  2. The application fee is required with all applications. Requesting Financial Aid does not waive the fee. The application fee must be paid in order to process your child's application.

  3. On the application, mark "YES" to the question regarding Financial Aid.

  4. After you apply to camp, you will receive an email about Financial Aid, including documents and processes for you to complete based on the dates listed in the table below.

  5. Culver requires families to complete the School and Student Services (SSS) Parents' Financial Statement (PFS). This must be completed and paid for (approximately $40) online. (Select Culver Summer Schools & Camps as your institution. The Culver Summer Schools & Camps School Code is 144418. Please do not select Culver Academies as your institution.) The PFS will require you to submit a W-2 and a 1040. Do not send these forms to Culver. Instructions for submitting tax forms are available on the SSS website. Parents of international campers should submit official government income and tax documents from their home country.

  6. In addition to completing the PFS, additional forms must be completed and sent to Culver. This includes the Applicant Statement (to be completed by your child) and School Grades form (to be completed by your child's school) or the most recent copy of school grades provided by the parents. These forms may be faxed to (574) 842-8462 or mailed to 1300 Academy Road #138, Culver, IN 46511, Attn: E. Ryman.

  7. All forms and processes for Financial Aid must be complete, submitted and/or returned according to the dates in the table below.

  8. It is the responsibility of the parent to check the status of all materials submitted, such as checking to make sure Culver received your PFS from SSS and if Culver has all documents needed to consider the application for financial aid.

  9. Parents/guardians will be notified by email of the Financial Aid award offered according to the dates listed in the table below.




Application Received Approval Notification Finanical Aid Forms Available Financial Aid Forms Due Financial Aid Notification Payment Due  Payment Installments
Before OCT 1, 2014 (Returning Campers)  By OCT 15, 2014  NOV 2014

DEC 1,

By DEC 15,

Full payment or first payment due JAN 15, 2015
Up to 5
OCT 1, 2014 -
NOV 30, 2015
 By DEC 15, 2015  NOV 2014 JAN 1,
By JAN 15,

Full payment or first payment due FEB 15, 2015
Up to 4
DEC 1, 2014 -
DEC 31, 2014
 By JAN 15, 2015  NOV 2014 FEB 1,
By FEB 15,

Full payment or first payment due MAR 15, 2015
Up to 3
JAN 1, 2015 -
JAN 31, 2015
 By FEB 15, 2015  NOV 2014 MAR 1,
By MAR 15, 2015

Full payment or first payment due APR 15, 2015
Up to 2
FEB 1, 2015 -
FEB 28, 2015
 By MAR 15, 2015  NOV 2014 APR 1,
By APR 15, 2015  

MAY 15, 2015

Payment in full
MAR 1, 2015 -
MAR 31, 2015
 By APR 15, 2015  NOV 2014 MAY 1,
By MAY 15, 2015
Two weeks after approval, or two weeks after Financial Aid notification, whichever comes later
Payment in full
After APR 1, 2015 Two weeks after application recieved  NOV 2014 As soon as possible Five days after forms received

Two weeks after approval, or two weeks after Financial Aid notification.
Payment in full


  • After your child has been approved for camp you will receive an email from the Financial Aid department with instructions on how to apply for financial aid and scholarships. Financial aid notifications will be made on the dates listed in the chart above.
  • If your forms are not submitted at least two weeks prior to the notification date, your notification may be delayed.
  • Families will be required to pay the amount due in full on their first payment due date, or choose to evenly distribute their payments in two, three, four, or five monthly installments (depending on the month of their first payment).
  • In addition to the tuition, parents will be able to pay in full the Uniform, Transportation, Insurance and Special Trips fees when the pre-camp registration checklist is available. Total payment of fees must be made on or before May 15th, 2015.


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