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Your First Day


All the paperwork has been sent in, you've been accepted and you're finally here! The unknown is always a little daunting, so we want to give you an idea of what your first day as a CGA student will be like.

The first part of your day will be spent at registration. You and your parents will go together to registration where you will be met by a returning student from your dorm. She will take you through all the stations and she will then take you over to the uniform department. After you have been measured for your kilt and you get everything you need, she'll take you to your dorm to show you to your room. You'll meet your counselor, your resident director and your roommate! So begins your first days as A CGA girl.


Your First Year


Now that the first days have flown by and you are becoming more familiar with campus, making friends and generally experiencing a sense of comfort in your surroundings, you will also begin to understand CGA and how it works. A lot of what you will learn from your dorm leaders is the leadership system. You will also enroll in a class called "Orientation to Culver." In this course, you will learn all about Culver's history and traditions.

Upon your successful completion of the "Orientation to Culver" and keeping up with your duties in the dorm, you will be invited to the Crest Ceremony. This is a huge honor for every girl in CGA. Attached to your blazer, this crest symbolizes that you are officially a member of CGA and are ready to take on more leadership training. This is an exciting time in a new girl's Culver career; she has accomplished so much already and has the support and encouragement of the entire student body, faculty, and CGA staff to continue her training throughout the rest of her years here at Culver.


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