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From its inception in 1894, the Culver Military Academy has remained committed to the education of the whole person. The traditions and rich history of Culver continue to influence how the leadership system and education in the classical virtues are taught today. When it was first introduced, the leadership system, which was based on a military model, was in place to prepare the young men of Culver to serve their country. While it is still effective in providing skills for those few graduates who wish to pursue a career in the military, it more aptly provides essential and valuable leadership lessons for students who will go on to more traditional careers within our increasingly global community. Responsibility, accountability, service and teamwork are all bedrocks of a Culver education that will benefit each graduate in everyday life, no matter what path he chooses.

Many leadership positions are available to CMA cadets within their residence halls, specifically known as barracks. Each barrack houses a battalion or segment of a battalion, each with its own unique history, identity, and personality. Infantry, Artillery, and Squadron compose the three battalions within CMA, and each battalion is divided into specific units. Company A, B, and C make up the Infantry, and Battery A, B, and C are within the Artillery, while the Squadron is divided up between Troop A, Troop B, and the Band.

All staff members of CMA strive to serve as positive role models for the cadets, choosing to embrace and embody the Culver mission. In the classrooms, on the athletic fields, in the dining hall, and in the barracks, the faculty and staff challenge the young men of Culver to be responsible leaders and embrace every opportunity to develop mind, body and spirit.

The Culver Academies are comprised of Culver Military Academy and Culver Girls Academy. While the leadership opportunities are respective to each school, young men and women share the advantages of a co-educational program in most areas of school life, including classes, athletics, religious and spiritual services, and fine arts.

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