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Culver is very fortunate to have a long history of Alumni and Parent support. Gifts to Culver have come in many shapes and sizes: annual giving, gifts-in-kind, expense-paid-by-gift, capital and deferred. Over the past 10 years, Parents have also taken on the support of Dorm/Unit funds and Lounge renovations.

The Culver Fund supports Culver’s core priorities - an excellent faculty, distinctive academic offerings (the Global Studies Institute, the Ron Rubin School for the Entrepreneur), financial aid (nearly 50 percent of our students receive some form of support), and strong programs in leadership, the arts and athletics. It is, year in and year out, the piece that balances Culver’s budget. Without The Culver Fund, the Academies would have to either raise tuition significantly or draw more heavily on the endowment, two options that do not make us viable in the long run. Each year, The Culver Fund helps hold tuition to a reasonable level. Without last year’s Culver Fund, tuition would today be $52,263!

Each year, the Culver Parents Association Board, with the assistance of the Culver Fund office, organizes and motivates our parents to help support these budgeted expenditures. In non-auction years, the CPA has set a goal of $600,000 and in auction years, $1 million. Since 1999, Parent Participation has risen from 13 percent to 68 percent! Current Parents Culver Fund participation is at 32 percent. We need your help each and every year, no matter the size of your gift. Participation is the key!

Parents also make gifts to the capital drive, for Dorm and Unit support, gifts-in-kind and expense paid by gifts. Gifts of this nature are very much appreciated by Culver and they help enhance the student experience. Thank you.  

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