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    Dear New Lodge Alumnae!

    As CGA marks its 40th anniversary, those of us on campus as well as alumnae of CGA (and before that, Culver Academy for Girls) are looking back on the beginnings of the school and how far things have come since the days of Mai Fan England and that first class of girls graduated from Culver.


    As alumnae from those pioneering years, you were the ones who were leading the way before you even set foot on campus as a new student.


    CGA is going strong, with success beyond anyone’s imaginings. Sustaining that excellence is the focus of The Culver Fund. The financial support of The Culver Fund’s three key objectives – faculty, financial aid and programs – ensure that young women from around the world have the opportunity to have the Culver Experience. Some of the girls making the most impressive contributions to our school community would not be here without financial aid. The Culver Fund also helps attract our talented and diverse faculty and sustains unique programs such as leadership and character education as well as equestrienne instruction, just to name a few.


    Your financial gift to The Culver Fund benefits the young women of CGA as well as every student on campus and is very much appreciated.


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