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    Dear Girls School Alumnae & Parents!

    Summer School for Girls has the best of all worlds. Upper Camp girls are able to partake of all that’s available during a Culver summer – the sailing and water sports, equestrian, aviation, and music, plus leadership opportunities that can take them all the way to regimental commander.


    But some girls would not benefit from a Culver summer without the financial aid provided by The Culver Fund. The salaries of the counselors, instructors, and mentors that guide our girls in all their endeavors are also supported by The Culver Fund, as are the many programs in which they are all involved.


    Whether it’s practicing for the Great Race, saddling up for the Girls Troop Hike, or climbing the masts of the R.H. Ledbetter, The Culver Fund helps to make it possible for each girl to have the ultimate summer experience.


    Your gift to The Culver Fund is vital to the Summer School for Girls and will help to sustain the Culver summer experience you so fondly remember.


    Thank you,


    Tony Mayfield ’65


    Culver Summer Schools & Camps

      Tony Mayfield '65 

    Tony Mayfield '65

    Director, Culver Summer Schools & Camps

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