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    Dear Linden Alumnae & Parents!

    It’s always gratifying to me to see how the girls in Linden come together. No matter what their interests are academically or athletically, they’re all very mindful of the need to be a family, since Culver is their home away from home for most of the year.


    They form those bonds through activities like the bonfires on the beach, our dorm parties or just sitting in front of the fireplace on a cold day. But the leadership lessons that are such an important part of a Culver education are also put to practical use in Linden, every day. The Big Sisters that the new girls are assigned to help acclimate them to Culver life exemplify the leadership concepts they are learning in their classes. And the obligation of service that they learn doesn’t stop at the door to Linden; this year, like every year, we adopted a local family at Christmas time. The benefits of those leadership lessons are attributable to the support of the faculty and curriculum by The Culver Fund.


    As their counselor, I see the growth of these young women every day and in the special community we have here. Some of the girls making impressive contributions to our school would not be here without financial aid. The Culver Fund is what helps get them here, and helps them stay here.


    Your gift to The Culver Fund is appreciated and essential to the girls of Linden and to the Academies.


    Thank you,


    Carolyn Davidge
    Linden Counselor

      Liney Davidge 

    Liney Davidge

    Linden Counselor

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