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    Dear Atrium Alumnae & Parents!

    Last year, Atrium’s longtime resident director, Linda Troutman retired. I know there are plenty of girls who will remember Miss T’s dance parties, friendship bread, coffee invites and, of course, her motherly personality.


    The girls in Atrium have always been a well-rounded dorm, versed in many areas. The fantastic academic skills and discipline that Culver gives them are only parts of their character. The social bonds they form while decorating gingerbread men at Christmas, dorm dinners or in the Spirit Games are just as valuable teaching tools for leadership as their classes.


    And as they learn to be supportive of each other, they become supportive of people outside of the dorm, as anyone familiar with their work for Shop With A Cop knows.


    As their counselor, I see the special home the girls have here in Atrium. I know some of my girls would not be here without the financial aid support The Culver Fund allows. The Culver Fund also helps attract talented and diverse faculty as well as beloved staff like Miss T.


    Your gift to The Culver Fund is important to the girls in Atrium and the Academies as a whole, and is much appreciated.


    Thank you,


    Mary Ann Remenih
    Atrium Counselor

      Mary Ann Remenih 

    Mary Ann Remenih

    Atrium Counselor

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