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    Dear Battery B Alumni!

    All is well with the cadets of Battery B.


    We came up a half-point short of winning our third military banner in a row (for weekly inspections) and were better prepared for CAR than a year ago. As spring approaches, we have new drivers training for parades and four fourth-classmen are  trying out for Color Guard. Academically, the cadets have raised their collective grade-point average.


    But these accomplishments wouldn’t be possible without The Culver Fund. It provides the financial aid that ensures that some of our best cadets and leaders can continue to have the Culver Experience. It supports the faculty and staff that teaches, coaches, and mentors them. And it supports the many programs and special opportunities on this campus.


    Your gift to The Culver Fund is vital to the cadets of Battery B and to every Academies student.


    John Gavlick
    Battery B


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