Meghan Reilly continues a family tradition

When senior Meghan Reilly (Washington, D.C.) walked through the Graduation Arch on Commencement Weekend it represented a milestone in her personal life as well as the continuation of a family tradition begun by her great-grandfather.

Meghan's graduation came 99 years since her grandfather, John G. Reilly Sr., walked through Culver Military Academy's Iron Gate in 1913. Meghan is the fourth generation of the Reilly family to have graduated from the Academies, the 10th overall, and the last of her generation.

As her graduation neared, Meghan said, "I feel as if another chapter of my family's history is coming to an end. I am proud to carry on my family's legacy and, as I touch the Crest on The Arch, I know that my family will be proud of me as well. Culver will always be a part of my life, a part of my heart, and being."

The excitement of carrying on the family's Culver legacy was heightened by the knowledge that her great-grandfather's saber had been gifted to the school and is on display at the Academies Museum in downtown Culver. The Reilly family presented the saber to the museum in July 2011, where it joins other items representing the family's long Culver history.

"As for the saber, I am proud that we have another keepsake, along with my aunt's summer school and CGA blazers and my great-grandfather's class ring, which ties our family to Culver. I got to be a part of the decision to donate the saber. I knew that its rightful place was to be in the museum," Meghan said.

Her great-grandfather Reilly graduated from the Missouri School of Mines in 1917 as a mining engineer. He was a U.S. Army veteran of World War I, serving with the 13th Cavalry as a second lieutenant. His career was spent as a mining engineer and mining director.

As for Meghan, after a summer working at the Cape Verde Embassy, she will matriculate at the Mont Alto campus of Penn State University where she will study International Relations.

But a part of her will always remain at Culver.

By: Doug Haberland
Culver Communications

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