Nicholas Payne

CMA 2014

Hometown: Jonesville, MI

Interests, Clubs, and Sports: Rowing, Basketball, Boy Scouts, weightlifting, woodworking, military leadership, waterskiing, swimming

Volunteer Activities: Company C sophomore class representative, Boy Scouts, Catholic youth volunteer, peer tutor in Bio, Latin; governors honor guard each summer

Favorite Class: AP World History, and looking forward to AP Biology

Favorite Place to Study: Library

Favorite aspect of Culver: My favorite aspects of being at Culver are the academic opportunities, the high quality of teachers, and the high intensity, high variety schedule-nowhere else could I be in an advanced placement history course, serve on the ceremonial guard for a military funeral, and then row a 4k erg test, all in the same day.

Role Model: George Payne, my father

Last Summer's Adventures: I served my fifth year on the Mackinac Island Honor Guard, serving in a junior leadership position; attended an outdoor leadership and high adventure camp run by the Boy Scouts in Pennsylvania, where I participated in team building exercises such as spelunking 25 stories beneath the surface of the Appalachian mountains; attended the University of Michigan rowing camp, and the Hillsdale College Chemistry Camp where I received an A and a college credit.

Top 3 goals for this school year: My primary goal is to continue to hold a 4.0, even with the two AP classes I will be in at the end of the year. I also wish to row in the varsity 8+ and a second varsity boat during spring crew, preferably the 4x. I also wish to stay active in the military system and go to the Regimental Sergeant Major Board in the spring.

"I've really enjoyed my time at Culver, there really isn't a way to clearly express it. Coming to Culver is more than a change in schools; it's a change in lifestyles. That change is the best thing that has ever happened to me-the opportunities that I have had, the teachers I have learned from, the friends I have made, the skills I've learned, and all the great experiences I have had-whether it be crossing the finish line at the Midwest Scholastic Rowing championships and seeing that we had won a gold medal, or the thrill of performing at an academic convocation; these are irreplaceable parts of who I am now. I wouldn't change it for the world."

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