Lori Bin '13

Hometown: Canton, MI

Interests, Clubs, and Sports: Model UN, LCA (Leadership Committee for Africa), SAO (Student Ambassador Organization), ASC Peer Tutor, Relay for Life, Community Service Council, Ron Rubin's School for the Entrepreneur, GSI (Global Studies Institute), Math Forum

Volunteer Activities: LCA, SAO, ASC Peer Tutor, Relay for Life, Community Service Council (includes Halloween crossing guard, Special Olympics, caroling, and community clean-up days)

Favorite Class: APLAC, I love how the harkness-style classes enable me to learn from my peers and think critically, and how I am taught to improve my analytical writing.

Favorite Place to Study: The library, the quiet atmosphere is very conducive to concentration.

Favorite aspect of Culver: It is impossible to choose a single aspect of Culver I like best, because they all have their own individual merits and better me in different ways. The challenging curriculum and variety of opportunities (classes, clubs, sports, etc.) are intellectually stimulating and never fail to keep me busy and interested. However, the strong relationships I have forged here I will carry with me for the rest of my life, something that I will always be grateful toward Culver for.

Role Model: My role models, as cliché as it sounds, are my parents. They are the epitome of hard work, dedication, empathy, kindness, ambition, and selflessness, qualities that I admire and hope to emulate in my work and the way I treat others.

Last Summer's Adventures: I attended the Summer Scholars program at Notre Dame, where I learned about and participated in policy debate and public speaking, took dance workshops, and received my Driver's license. In my spare time, I studied for the SAT and ACT, played piano, babysat, and volunteered at the local food bank.

Top 3 goals for this school year: My top 3 goals are to act as a positive role model and leader in my dorm, in the classroom, and at dance, win a competitive Model UN conference, and maintain my 4.0 GPA.

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." –Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken

I think this describes the choice I made to come to Culver, only made possible through receiving the Duchossois Scholarship. Although attending a boarding school such as Culver is definitely not the conventional choice for high school, through coming here I have learned so much about leadership, life lessons, and myself that will make all the difference in the future.

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