Jim Brugh

Background: Jim Brugh joined the faculty in August of 1972 as a German Instructor. In 1997 he was presented the Mark B. Kaser Scholar Award.

Brugh hails from Indiana and earned his BA from Manchester College. He obtained his MA from Indiana University. In addition to his teaching assignment Brugh serves the Athletic Department as the Head Varsity Soccer Coach for CMA. Brugh has been the head coach for 28 years. Before that he was an assistant for 10 years. Also a musician, Brugh is often seen on the stage of Eppley Auditorium playing for student musicals. Recently Brugh was in the seven-piece band that accompanied The Midtown Men

Leisure time activities/hobbies: woodworking, fishing, and traveling

Most people don't know that I nearly pursued a career in music.

Favorite author or book: "A Death in the Family" by James Agee, also Franz Kafka works.....all of them (in German, of course)

Favorite movie: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly....."ya gotta love Clint"!!

Favorite food: clearly chicken and noodles is near the top. Sauerbraten is great too, if it is marinated long enough.

My most significant experience has been being married to a great lady, who presented us with 5 great children.

The person who most influenced my career is Col. Martin Uebel along with Milton F. Hughes. These two colleagues taught me how to have compassion for my students and also keep the expectations high.

The person I'd most like to meet: My uncle who died in WW II, serving as a bomber pilot, from whom I received my middle name

My heroes are my parents, who sacrificed so much to ensure my brother's and my university educations.

If I weren't at Culver I'd be involved with working with young people somewhere in the world.

What attracted me to Culver: The small class sizes and the caliber of students drove my decision to come here.

What I try to accomplish in the classroom: I try to get the students to appreciate the value of studying foreign cultures and languages and finding their place in a global society.

Why I've stayed at Culver: It is a great place to work. The students are fun to work with and the faculty is incredibly talented.

My idea of a good day off is: to get up later, get some chores done and then go out with my wife for a good evening meal

Plans for retirement: to travel and make furniture

The secret to life is not to take oneself too seriously, but to take the advice of competent individuals very seriously.

Best advice I could give a Culver student: Be open to change and try to find a career that combines your interests with your talents.

The last word: It has been a great, fulfilling career here at The Culver Academies. It has been a privilege to work with such fine students and be associated with great colleagues.

Jim Brugh
Modern & Classical Languages

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