Wellness 2016-2017

Culver Academy requires 1/2 credit in Wellness.  Wellness courses are automatically scheduled for every student each year.


Foundations of Health Behavior
2 terms, solid, 1 credit, B

This 10th-grade course focuses on the influence of the physical, emotional, mental, moral, social, and spiritual dimensions of health knowledge, attitudes, and behavior. Students examine the health of the whole person through a variety of classroom and movement settings. They will demonstrate an understanding of the health dimensions and their relationship to various health topics.


Principles of Lifetime Fitness
1 term, non-solid, ¼ credit, A

An 11th-grade course, each student will receive instruction in First Aid/CPR and will have the opportunity to be certified by the American Red Cross. Students will also examine the importance of developing healthy fitness activities and will learn the rules, skills, attitudes, and behaviors of two lifetime sports.  This course meets 2 days per week.


1 term, non-solid, ¼ credit, A

Each student will receive instruction in First Aid, CPR, and life guarding, working toward certification by the American Red Cross. The course will be taught by an ARC certified instructor. This course will suffice for the 11th-grade Wellness Education credit. Interested students must pass a swim test to qualify for the course. This course meets 2 days a week. 


Health Issues
1 term, solid, ½ credit, B

This 12th-grade course will provide students with opportunities to acquire a deep understanding of personal, community, and world health issues. Students will engage in student-centered discussions, group work, report writing, and survey/investigations. The emphasis will be on critical thinking and a moral interpretation of health information and health behavior. Students will examine biochemical, sociological, and psychological concepts that relate to happiness, addiction, the well-being of others, and the basic human desires. Discussion topics include decision-making, stress and time management, nutrition, disease prevention, college issues, and life span/aging issues.


Strength and Conditioning
1 term, non-solid elective, ¼ credit, A

This elective, open to any student, will teach the correct methods of strength training, plyometrics, flexibility, muscular endurance training, and cardiovascular endurance training. Students will participate in a personalized weight-training program that will address their specific personal/sport fitness goals. Students will research various workout programs, nutrition, and other strength and conditioning topics.


 Honors Seminar: Wellness
2 terms, solid & non-solid, .75 credit, C

The Honors Seminar in Wellness is for the Senior or 1st Classman who has demonstrated a high level of achievement and interest in personal and community wellness.  The student must be willing to pursue independent study of a proposed topic under the guidance of a faculty advisor.
Students will select topics to study in depth, to be approved by the Honors Board of three Wellness Department instructors.  Each student will complete a written project according to the original proposal, successfully complete an oral defense of the project and make a formal presentation to select members of the Wellness faculty.

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