Dance 2015-2016

Dance Workshop I
2 terms, non-solid, ½ credit

This course introduces students to the basics of dance. We emphasize the fundamentals of ballet and modern dance, and include other styles such as jazz, folk, and African dance. This is a technique class, and we concentrate on physical development and creative exploration of the body’s movement capabilities. This course meets 2 days a week.


Dance Workshop II
2 terms, non-solid, ½ credit

Students with previous dance experience explore more in-depth study of ballet, modern, and contemporary forms.  Pointe work may be incorporated, pending faculty approval.  This course is required for any student pursuing Honors in Dance. 

Body Studies
1 term, non-solid, ¼ credit

This course provides elements similar to the popular “Dance for Athletes” course. Students develop body awareness and proper alignment through somatic techniques that emphasize breathing and guided imagery. Stretching the body through dance exercises and movement combinations enhances coordination, balance, and muscle memory. This class may be taken more than once and is beneficial to all who want to maximize the potential of the body. This course meets 2 days a week.


Dance for Athletes
2 terms, non-solid, ½ credit, A 

This course is a variation of Dance Workshop I and has been designed especially for young men and women involved in sport. Using basic modern and ballet movements, students experience total body awareness and alignment for the purpose of improving muscle control, balance, and flexibility. Proper stretching techniques and injury prevention are sport-specific highlights.


Dance for Athletes II
2 terms, non-solid, ½ credit,

This course continues the work begun in Dance for Athletes.  Students work on flexibility and agility through warm up center floor and then develop muscle memory by learning dance phrases that travel through space.  A unit on ballroom dance and dancing through the decades in America adds variety and socialization to the class since working in pairs or small groups occur.  The students also create their own movement studies to develop their personal ideas about dance in small groups and finally as soloists by the end of the second term.


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