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In the Culver Academies’ Science Department, we employ inquiry-based learning to support our department mission of developing scientifically literate citizens.  To achieve this mission, a student will complete at least one course in physics, chemistry, and biology, each of which are designed to build a student's conceptual understanding, enhance a student's problem solving skills, practice the scientific inquiry process, and apply what is learned to larger global issues.  Upon graduation, a student will understand that:

  1. scientific models are approximations of reality useful for explaining and predicting the behavior of systems and organisms.
  2. experiments and the scientific inquiry process play crucial roles in developing scientific models.
  3. energy is neither created nor destroyed but is transferred between different mechanisms and objects.
  4. a system maintains a state of equilibrium until various influences on it become unbalanced.
  5. matter is composed of atoms, the internal and external interactions of which are controlled by four fundamental forces.
  6. the behavior of biotic and abiotic systems varies at different size scales.
  7. expression of the molecular code of life is seen in the similarities and diversity of all living things.
  8. because of genetic variability and environmental pressures, populations evolve through natural selection.

To enhance their science experience, students may elect to earn honors in our core courses of physics, chemistry, and biology and can take Advanced Placement courses in physics, chemistry, biology, or environmental science.  Various electives are offered each year including human anatomy & physiology, engineering, physics of music, and environmental science.  This year, ten students elected to complete their own scientific research and attempt to earn departmental honors.

The science department is housed in the state-of-the-art 62,000 square foot Roberts Hall of Science, completed in 2002.  Please scroll through the virtual tour linked in the menu to get a tour of the science facilities at Culver.

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Science Department Overview

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