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Modern and Classical Language Department Award Winners – 2014

We are pleased to announce the award winners for the various languages in the department.  In the picture above from left to right are: Claire Cunningham, The John Frazier Roos Award for Excellence in Latin; Jem Wynne, The Burton L. Curry Award for Excellence in French; Alan Simonini, The John R. Mars Award for Excellence in Spanish; Nic Peterson, The Department of Modern and Classical Languages Award for Excellence in Chinese; and Santiago Aguirre, The Martin A. Uebel Award for Excellence in German. Congratulations to these fine students for their achievements.

Graduating with Honors:

Jem Wynn (GI) from Spokane, Washington and Yen-Yen Gao (GL), from Bloomington, Indiana graduated with Honors in French. We are extremely proud of the work in French that they did while at Culver.  Congratulations to both Jem and Yen-Yen for all that they have accomplished.

Jem wrote a screenplay in French for a short film that she subsequently cast, directed and produced.  She even added English sub-titles so that non-French speakers could enjoy her work!  Jem took her inspiration from an in-class exercise submitted by a former classmate of her brother, made a complete story of it while changing many of the details, and filmed the story herself over the course of several weeks last fall.  While casting was not easy, Jem’s greatest challenge was with the editing of the film.  The French teachers all feel that Jem did an outstanding job!  In three years at Culver, Jem completed French Composition through Literature, French Cinema, and Advanced Placement French Language and Culture prior to being named the 2014 recipient of the Burton L. Curry Award for Excellence in French.

Yen-Yen researched and wrote a paper on the culture of food in France.  She began with an overview of the entirety of France, then continued with a specific study of five different regions: Alsace, Bretagne, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Languedoc-Roussillon and Normandie.  For these regions, Yen-Yen included recipes for some of the most typical and well-known dishes.  She prepared five of them for her evaluators to sample during her oral defense of her project, pretty much ensuring the overall success of her project!  In four years at Culver, 

Yen-Yen completed French 1 and French 2 prior to spending the summer following her sophomore year with the IU Honors Program in Bretagne.  She also completed Advanced French Language and Culture prior to being named the 2013 recipient of the Burton L. Curry Award for Excellence in French.

Heading off to various destinations in Spain, France, Austria and China with the Indiana University Honors Program for High School Students this coming summer are the following students:


France (Brest):  Matthieu Menard, Hallie Rauch; (Saumur):  Julia Hernandez; (St. Brieuc):  Lydia Jacqua,  Gabrielle Menard

Spain (Oviedo):  Erica Sadlowski, Joshua Thompkins, Madeleine Wildermuth; (Ciudad Real):  Chiara Fitzgerald

Mexico (Mérida):  Anne Marie Wright

Austria (Graz):  Kieran Hussey,  Susan Westman

China (Hangzhou):  Alexander Krupp

All thirteen students who applied for IU Honors this year were selected to participate, which is a source of considerabe pride for the entire department. We wish all of the students safe travels and a most productive summer.

 On April 25, 201 the following individuals were inducted into la Société Honoraire de Français:

Alena Arkhipov ’16 (GB) Tyver, Russia, Hayes Barnes ’14 (CA) Culver, Indiana, Abel Barrera Duran ’14 (CB) Kokomo, Indiana, Katie Bevil ’16 (GL) Omaha, Nebraska, Ben Bustria ’15 (BA) Fairport Harbor, Ohio, Rory Byrne ’14 (GT) South Bend, Indiana, Ryan Colella ’14 (CB) New York, New York, Emily Hernandez ’14 (GR) Pueblo, Colorado, Stuart Johnston ’16 (CB) Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Hallie Rauch ’16 (GA) Evansville, Indiana, Eduardo Saenz Espino ’15 (TA) Mexico City, Mexico, Rachel Simon ’15 (GR) Fort Wayne, Indiana, Taylor Stuewe ’14 (GB) Long Sault, Ontario, Canada, Riley Thompson ’14 (CA) Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, Niccolo Verrecchia ’15 (TB) Florence, Italy, Click here for a couple of pictures of the ceremony.

Also on April 25, 2014 The National Spanish Honor Society, José Martí Chapter inducted the following students into the society:

Alec Abaunza, Michael Anthony, Allison Baker, Paige Baldacci, Sarah Boland, Hannah Buggeln, Rebecca Carballo, Rowan Farrell, Angel Fay, Austin Kilduff, Hanna Moffet, Erica Oosterhoff, Khaleef Rehman, Natalie Schurr, Robert Thomas, Dalton Tuggle, and John Van Duyn

Congratulations to these deserving students!  You may click here for a slide show of the induction ceremony.

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