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The world is an increasingly complex place, and preparing for a future role in the world is a vital task. Students have many questions about language study in general and about their own choice of a language or languages at Culver in particular. The purpose of the following information is to assist students in making decisions about language learning.





Why should I study another language?

  • To learn to communicate better with others.
  • To gain perspective on yourself and on your own culture.
  • To gain an appreciation and understanding of other cultures, traditions, and languages.
  • To gain a deeper understanding of the nature of language itself.
  • To gain skills that will be useful in whatever career you may choose


What are my goals in studying another language?

  • A modern language: To gain the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills necessary to communicate effectively with native speakers.
  • A classical language: To gain sufficient reading and writing skills to be able to understand texts of average difficulty.
  • All of the other objectives mentioned above


How does Culver Academies teach language to attain these goals?

  • All language courses, both classical and modern, seek maximum student participation in small classes through questions and answers and inductive teaching.
  • All modern language classes, while employing some English in the beginning levels, are conducted primarily in the target language at the upper levels.
  • The first two levels in all languages emphasize skill acquisition. Higher level courses stress the application of those skills in cultural and literary contexts.
  • Courses in French, German, Latin, and Spanish are taught through Advanced Placement level courses. Courses in these languages have been authorized by the College Board to use the official AP designation for the upcoming school year, indicating that they meet or exceed the expectations of colleges and universities for those AP subjects. The Chinese program, while offering four years of study, does not yet offer a course at the Advanced Placement level.

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