Women and Leadership

The Women and Leadership program is a study and research center at The Culver Academies that prepares young women for future leadership on many levels within the school community, society, and the global world. The Institute is founded upon a virtues-based leadership curriculum and supports Culver Academies' mission of "educating for leadership" through a democratic, consensus-building, self-reflective leadership model.


Throughout the history of civilization, women have been underrepresented in the field of leadership. However, our ever-changing world of the 21st century beckons for new leadership strategies that include female leadership styles and attributes. The Institute responds to this call by helping girls develop their leadership potential through education and training that promotes self -development and acknowledges individual strengths and challenges.


Research shows that girls thrive when given single sex opportunities to collaborate, assume clearly defined leadership roles, develop leadership skills, participate in goal setting and self -reflection, and connect with women within a supportive environment. As girls strive to visualize themselves as women leaders, the Institute serves to promote programs that connect girls with women role models, both in the past and present, as well as, providing them with current knowledge in the field of women and leadership.


In addition, developing young women also need equal opportunities for leadership in a coed environment where shared leadership experiences are fostered. Culver is equitable in its leadership education and training. On a small but significant scale it provides a model of global leadership training for young women and men (a " gender holistic humanitarian perspective", Klenke 1996) as girls and boys have equal opportunities to serve as leaders in their respective schools yet work together on issues of mutual concern for the greater good of the total community. As the Institute brings forward women leaders, it serves a dual purpose to educate women and men about the value of mutual understanding and respect. This system underscores the positive benefits to be gained from consolidating one another's strengths and shared learning experiences when working together for the good of all. Culver encourages young women and men to learn from one another and support one another in adopting and expressing traits associated with either gender when necessary to lead effectively in a given leadership context.



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