CGA Prefect System

CGA’s Prefect System was derived from the prefect concept of student government traditional in the public schools of Great Britain and many college preparatory schools in this country. Prefects enforce rules and regulations, while setting a good example, and serve on various committees providing them with extended experience in the responsibility and exercise of leadership.

In carrying out the Culver Mission, the CGA leadership system allows for practical application of important life skills. This prefect system uses committee structure which parallels democratic government organizations. The committee framework gives students a variety of opportunities not only to be in charge but also to be contributing members to a group as a whole.

The broadest concept of leadership is projected in the Prefect System. Culver expects all prefects to uphold the integrity and traditions of The Academies with dignity, good humor, and sustained effort in all ways, at all times, and in all places. A prefect’s responsibility is not limited to the specific duties of her position. All Prefects are expected:

  • to set a good example with integrity, fairness and correctness of wardrobe.
  • to support others in following all rules and regulations of The Academies.
  • to act as a role model for other students in social situations such as Chapel or Concert Series.
  • to seek appropriate staff member intervention without delay when aware of a student who needs immediate attention.
  • to give commendations to those students who have assisted her in a special, voluntary way, or who have completed tasks which deserve special attention.
  • to attend Leadership Training meetings and workshops as scheduled.
  • to serve on the respective Dorm Committee.
  • to perform Checker and Dorm Aide or Library Proctor duties.

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