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The Research and Education Committee is responsible for gathering information regarding the AIDS and poverty crises in Africa, as well as ensuring that the Leadership Committee for Africa is well informed of progress on these fronts. While promoting awareness on Culver Campus, the Research and Education Committee also explores new projects and opportunities including studies on Amaranth, a highly nutritional grain which could potentially play an important role in eliminating world hunger.

December 1st is World AIDS Day. Each year on this day, we strive to raise awareness about the proliferating problem of HIV/AIDS through our World AIDS Day presentation and inspire participation in the search for a cure through our Red Ribbon Sales. The red ribbon is a symbol honoring HIV/AIDS victims and generates proceeds for the Christel House organization which cares for HIV/AIDS-positive orphans. This year’s World AIDS Day campaign theme was “Getting to Zero,” a reminder of the importance of modern technology and education in creating an AIDS-free world.

Amaranth is a drought-tolerant grain that is rich in protein and fiber. Because of its resilient nature and high nutritious value, Amaranth may become a major asset in the fight against world hunger. Through the Research and Education Committee, members of LCA join researchers world-wide by growing and studying Amaranth in a humidity-controlled miniature greenhouse. For more about Amaranth, see:

World AIDS Day Prezi
This presentation was shown to the Culver Academies student body on World AIDS Day as part of the Leadership Committee for Africa’s mission to educate and promote awareness on the AIDS epidemic as it effects women and children in Africa.

Hunger Fighters
The Belly Flop Contest on Saturday, October 13 at the Culver Academies will raise funds to help feed some of the 1 billion people who suffer from hunger worldwide.
Why I Care: Culver Belly Flops for Full Bellies 


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