Leadership Experiential Learning

Courses offered by the Center for Leadership are designed to complement and support the experiential leadership education of all students. The leadership model used as a vehicle to prepare young men for leadership roles is the military system, whereas the model used for young women is the prefect system. Each of these leadership systems is designed to meet the unique leadership needs and learning experiences required of all Culver students.


Culver Military Academy


Young men entering the Culver Corps of Cadets begin their leadership training in an intensive program which places a strong emphasis on followership. During the first year, cadets are required to pass all tests in the Orientation course and are evaluated within the units on their followership performance and future leadership potential. Their followership learning experience culminates when cadets pass Branch Qualification Boards, consisting of both written and oral exams. As cadets move into levels of higher responsibility, they must pass a course on military skills, unique to Culver, taught by Officers and Noncommissioned Officers who serve as Military Mentors. Upon completing the course, cadets are qualified to move into higher leadership positions within the Corps. As they mature within the military system, they assume more responsibility and are evaluated and mentored by their counselors, military mentors, deputy commandants and faculty. The learning experience is broadened with the young men rotating through a number of leadership positions throughout each school year. The leadership learning experience attains its high point during the first-class year as cadets assume responsibility for the training and functioning of the entire Corps of cadets.


Culver Girls Academy


Young women begin their leadership learning experience within the dorms under the prefect system, an evolution of the English boarding school leadership system, where many decisions are arrived at through consensus within committee. Upon entering Culver, students begin their learning as followers, by supporting the decisions of their prefects. Upon passing the Orientation course, and upon approval by the Dean of Girls, new students are awarded their Crests. Sophomore girls can apply to become leaders within Culver Girls Academy for their junior year. If selected, students must complete a leadership program which provides them with basic leadership tools and techniques developed and presented by the staff of Culver Girls Academy. Upon successful completion, students are selected for leadership positions within the dorm. These positions are rotated throughout the school year to provide as broad a learning experience as possible, and the leaders are mentored and evaluated by the staff of Culver Girls Academy. As their Culver experience continues, young women assume leadership roles of greater responsibility, and in their senior year they are responsible for the effective functioning of all girls.

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