Leadership 2016-2017

Living, Learning, Leading
2 terms, solid, 1 credit

Through an integrated, rigorous curriculum, the Living, Learning, Leading course exposes students to current research, case studies and literature to build a foundational understanding of the Culver mission in terms of Wellness, Learning and Leadership.
Freshmen and 4th classmen will learn about their strengths, how their brains really work, reflect upon decisions and their impact on others.  They will cultivate wellness habits and experience collaborative service.  As they explore the Culver mission, students are explicitly introduced to successful learning process skills such as note taking, reading, cooperative skills and best practices with technology.  With these essential skills, the three core strands of wellness, learning and leadership weave together to prepare students for success and well-being at Culver and beyond.


Thinking and Teaming
1 term, non-solid, ¼ credit, B 

Thinking and Teaming is an integrated curriculum that exposes sophomore students to critical aspects of leadership for the 21st century that include collaborative teaming, innovative thinking and responsible citizenship in a technological world.  Students will learn and explore through the process of design thinking - an interdisciplinary process of collaborative learning that cultivates team building, innovation and strategic leadership.  The workshop-based course weaves together themes of character and virtue, decision-making processes and communication skills as learners collectively develop frameworks for innovative problem solving and effective collaboration essential for successful leading in today's world.  


Ethics: Virtues and Character Education
1 term, solid, ½ credit, B 

The Ethics course provides Juniors and 2nd Classmen with the background to be able to integrate the aspects of character and the virtues into all facets of their daily life: academic, leadership, athletic, social and religious. It introduces students to the concept of moral leadership – a balance between legitimate authority and the virtues that form the Culver Leadership culture (wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice). Coursework stresses the application of critical thinking, dilemma resolution, and ethical decision-making in the context of active leadership. The course integrates the traditional humanities disciplines – literature, history and philosophy – through readings, student writing, film analysis, and group discussions.


Service Leadership Practicum
1 term, non-solid, ¼ credit, B

This is a one-term non-solid course with student work continuing throughout the academic year until the chosen service project has been completed. It is designed to incorporate three general elements: service, servant leadership, and critical thinking. Servant leadership is a leadership style whereas service is an action that our society connects to volunteerism. In service, the key elements of decision-making, communication, problem-solving, and the application of virtues are all integrated under the umbrella of critical thinking. Students utilize leadership experiences, academic learning, and interests to design and execute a service project that will contribute to a community of their choosing. Students are evaluated on the application of decision-making and problem solving skills, communication, planning and reflection on all aspects of their project.  This course meets 1 day a week in Term 1.

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