Library 2014 - 2015

Digital Citizenship
2 terms, non-solid, ¼ credit, B 

In order to responsibly participate in the Culver Academies community and beyond, all new students are required to take Digital Citizenship.  The course is designed to help students incorporate 21st century skills which include critical thinking, effective communication, and rights and responsibilities in accessing and using information.  Emphasis is placed on ethical behavior online and understanding Culver's Honor Code and its application in the use of information and technology as a member of the Culver Academies community.  This course meets 1 day a week.


Media Literacy
1 term, solid, 1/2 credit, B

Are you the average teenage who is exposed to over 11 hours of media each day?*  How does the media influence your choices - positively and/or negatively?  Does it depend on the media?  What techniques in media are used to persuade and can you harness them for your own purposes?  In this one term course, students will focus on the language and imagery of persuasion and the "constructed message" of media.  In a project based learning environment, students will grow in their critical and creative thinking and will use their technical skills as they investigate, analyze, evaluate and produce media.                
*Kaiser Family Foundation, 2000


Advanced Digital Storytelling
1 term, solid, 1/2 credit

"Telling stories is not just the oldest form of entertainment; it's the highest form of consciousness... Increasingly, success in the information age demans that we harness the hidden power of stories." (Peter Guber, "Power of Stories" Psychology Today)  

Through analysis of examples and the creation of original work, students will be introduced to the concepts of 21st century communication and the power of story.  Targeting a particular audience, students will weave imagery, audio, and narrative elements together to convey a powerful and effective message.

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