Honors in Visual Art

Honors in the Visual Arts is awarded to CMA and CGA students who have demonstrated an exceptional connection to artistic practice in the Visual Arts and have pursued a course of study (through at least 3 Visual Arts Classes with no grade lower than a B) reflective of their passion. Honors in VA may be done in one or several course areas. Students intent on graduating with Honors in the Visual Arts are encouraged to declare their concentration as early as their sophomore year but no later than the third term of the junior year. The individual course of study taken will depend upon the focus of the honors candidates. Drawing and Art History are recommended but not mandatory for all Honors Candidates. Once a student has declared the pursuit of honors, they are required to take Visual Art Portfolio/Honors as seniors.

Honors students will meet with the Honors Advisor at the end of their junior year to discuss summer plans of study. They will then meet in the beginning of their senior year to create an individual plan of study as part of the Visual Arts Portfolio/Honors course. Honors candidates are expected to work consistently throughout their senior year both in and outside the classroom. All Visual Arts Instructors will be available to provide critical input to the Honors Candidates regarding their course of study and work. It is the intention of the program to shepherd honors candidates through the Visual Art Portfolio/Honors course to graduation with Honors. This, however, will depend upon two inter-related performance reviews:

a) The successful completion of course work, with no grade less than a B.

b) The preparation and installation of an Honors Exhibition drawn from a portfolio of no less than 30 outstanding works reflective of artistic practice completed during the student’s high school career.

Exhibitions will occur in April and May; depending on the number and needs of the Honors Candidates.

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