Theatre 2016-2017

Introduction to Theatre
1 term, solid, ½ credit, B

A basic understanding of the history of theatre and the recognition of the duties and responsibilities of the personnel involved in producing live theatre will allow students to become more critical in their own theatre experiences. The course emphasizes appreciation of theatre as one of living arts, surveys theatre history and dramatic theory from the Greeks to present Broadway, and includes introduction to basic fundamentals of stagecraft in scenery, lighting, costumes, and other technical areas as well as the actor's role in the theatre. It includes lectures, films, and discussions on the practitioners and work. Attendance at live theatre productions on campus is required.


Film Studies
1 term, solid, ½ credit, A

This course, open to 11th- and 12th-graders explores one specific genre of film at a time, using pairs of films for comparison. Students analyze and critique film as both an art form and in comparison with other written and oral histories. The class identifies when the director may have altered historical fact and possible motives for the change. It also explores genres such as science fiction, taking into account the time period when the film was produced, the historical context of the filmmaker's argument, and why he has placed it in a different time and place.


Theatre Tech Workshop
1 term, non-solid, 1/4 credit, A

This class will address the world of theatre technology, including lighting, sound, costumes, props and sets.  Each term, the focus will concentrate on one or two aspects so that an interested student can take the class for four years and not repeat the content.  No prerequisites.  Open to anyone interested in learning about technical theatre.  This course meets 2 days a week.


Acting I
2 terms, non-solid, ½ credit, A 

Meeting twice per week, Acting I is an introduction to the development of the physical and intellectual tools the actor needs on stage. The course begins with basic stage movement and pantomime and continues through beginning monologue and scene work.  This course meets 2 days a week.


Acting Workshop
1 term, non-solid, ¼ credit, A

The Acting Workshop deals with a different challenge in the acting process each term that it offered. Students can take as many of Acting Workshop classes as their schedule permits. Examples of past workshops are: Shakespeare, Restoration Comedy, Viewpoints, Auditioning, and Comedies.  This course meets 2 days a week.


Honors Seminar - Acting
1 term, solid, 1 credit

The Honors Seminar in Acting is a requirement for 12th graders who are pursuing Honors in Acting.  The class covers the actual performance project that is the culmination of the Honors Concentration.  Students will choose a variety of scenes that will allow them to explore and develop various characters.  They will rehearse with fellow acting students and organize all production aspect of their scenes.  They will follow a designated schedule of preparation before their pieces are performed in front of faculty and friends.  

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