Service Academies and ROTC

Service Academies and ROTC

Below are the guidelines that students should adhere to if they are interested in attending a Service Academy after graduating from Culver.    

Junior Year
Senior Year


  • Inform your college advisor of your interest in either the ROTC programs/service academies. Most students apply to both programs.
  • Take the most challenging classes you can handle
  • Have your SAT and ACT scores sent to the ROTC programs and service academies.
  • Write letters to your congressmen, senators, vice-president and in some cases the President of the United States requesting a nomination to a service academy.
  • Complete the applications for nomination required by your senator, congressmen, vice president or president.
  • There are often service academy briefings by congressmen and senators in Indiana and in your hometown. Please try to attend one which is convenient for you.
  • Meet with liaison officers and ROTC liaisons regarding your applications.
  • Fill out online your interest in the service academies so a file will be opened for you.
  • Attend one of the summer service  academy programs.
  • Complete the ROTC scholarship application as soon as possible to participate in the early review boards which can be easier to pass.
  • Take the medical exams required by DODMERB (Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board). These exams will include a physical, eye exam, hearing exam and a dental exam. These exams are free and they are appliy to both the ROTC and service academies. Please inform these doctors to send this information to both programs.

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  • Submit final applications to all service academies early in the fall.
  • Submit final applications to congressmen, senators, vice president and president early in the fall.
  • Submit final applications for the ROTC scholarship programs early in the fall.
  • Senators, congressmen, and other officials will ask you to interview with their own academy selection committees. These interviews often occur during either the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays. These elected representatives must submit their nominations for the service academies by January 31st of the year the student plans to attend.
  • Apply to colleges if you are applying for ROTC scholarships. Know which schools have which ROTC programs.  


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