ASC Academic Peer Coaches

For adolescents, peers are a powerful influence. The ASC Peer Coaching Program is based on this principle: students are most receptive to learning from successful students. There is much to be gained when students communicate to one another the frustrations of learning and the methods by which they themselves have met success. ASC Peer Coaches play a pivotal role in the program’s operation. In the spirit of dedication and willingness to serve others, these students model Culver’s mission for educating students for responsible citizenship. Industrious and disciplined, ASC Peer Coaches lead quietly and thoughtfully, showing concern for other students by focusing on improvement – not perfection!

"Thank you so much for giving me the chance to help others and for letting me experience this opportunity."  Salvador Acevedo

"Working in the ASC has been one of the best experiences I've had here at Culver."  Zach Grant

"I cannot express how much I have enjoyed being a peer coach for the last two years.  The memories and eperiences that I have created will forever be a part of my 'Culver Experience!' ...Thank you once again for allowing me to be a part of the ASC family!  Deborah Ohiani-Jegede

"These last few years in the ASC have been absolutely phenomenal!  I've enjoyed every minute of it; never once did I regret giving up free periods to help my peers. ...I will miss both you and the ASC!  Jesse Peters 

"It's a great pleasure to work at ASC ...I got the chance to not only help those who needed help but also improve my English skill.  This job is more challenging than I thought and I felt that what I did was so not enough.  Danyao Xiong

"Thank you for the awesome experience Mrs. Mayfield!  I learned so much about helping others that I could not have done on my own."  Patrick Carr

"The ASC will always be close to my heart and a huge part of my Culver experience!  These past three years have taught me just as much about myself as I think my "tutees" have learned!  Alex Banfich

"This has been a great experience for me; I was able to have fun, learn by teaching, and make several new friends.  Sarah Freymiller


 ASC Academic Peer Coaches 2011-2012

Carl Ardissono
Kim Asenbeck
Abbe Baker
Lori Bin
Ashley Brooks
Rory Byrne
Sharon Chen
Sarah Cho
Keely Collins
Macgregor Collins
Andrijana Cvitkovic
Emma Duthie
Rowan Farrell
Zixuan Gao
Phoebe Hall
Natalie Haugen
Annie Morsches
Myriam Navarro
Nicholas Payne
Hannah Schoolmeester
Caitlin Schwartz
Sarah Stackhouse
Daniel Sung
Molly Walker
Yinxiao Wang
Monica Weaser
Paul Westman
Betsy Whitfield

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