The Academic Skills Center supports Culver students by providing individual academic assistance for the improvement of study skills in conjunction with content tutoring.

Located in Eppley Hall of Humanities, Rooms 208 and 209, the Academic Skills Center is designed to meet the needs of Culver students of varying abilities by providing one-on-one assistance from ASC Peer Coaches, students in good academic standing who volunteer their free class periods for peer coaching. Individual attention is focused on improving organizational strategies, practicing the processes of reading and writing, supporting the content areas, and improving study skills. Available to students on both a voluntary and a scheduled basis, the center provides both a formal and an informal setting as it addresses individual learning styles.



The Academic Skills Center was established in 1984 by Mrs. Beth Davis.


Students Helping Students

For adolescents, peers are a powerful influence! Students learn from successful students. Recognizing this, ASC Peer Coaches lead quietly and thoughtfully in the Academic Skills Center, providing individual academic coaching and promoting life-long learning.

“What I liked most about my time at the ASC was the atmosphere. People were always there to help you … In the end you, feel much better and hopefully understand the subject(s) that you couldn’t grasp before. It is only 45 minutes of your time on the days you are scheduled, but in those 45 minutes you … understand so much more than you would trying to study by yourself. Just try it and if it helps then use what you learned and apply it.” Garrett Starr

“The thing I like most about the ASC is the homey atmosphere. You can go in and actually get work done but have fun. There’s food, couches, tables, water, HOT CHOCOLATE and everything. Half the time I’m there I don’t even have to be…it’s a great place. People that don’t even need help in school go there just because they work better and are comfortable.” Christina Cooper

Sherri Mayfield
Director of the Academic Skills Center

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